Tips: How to Reinvent Yourself at Work

Tips: How to Reinvent Yourself at Work

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Jessica Selasky, president of Confidence Builders International, Inc. (, offers tips on how to reinvent yourself at work in this exclusive Cincy Chic Q&A.

Cincy Chic: If someone is unhappy with their current position – feeling like they have untapped potential – should their first inclination be to leave their company? Why or why not?

Selasky: No, absolutely not! People job-hop too fast these days. They’d be better off exploring opportunities within the company first. Here are some questions they should ask: Why did I go to work for the company in the first place?; Have I talked to anyone at the company about my unhappiness? (You can’t expect the bosses to be mind-readers).; Was I unhappy in my last job?; Have I contributed what I promised when I was hired?

I left my job at FACS to pursue a dream, which is different than leaving because I was unhappy. However, if you are unhappy, and you have a dream you can make happen, go ahead and do it.

Cincy Chic: What are some steps that people can take to tap into their talents within the same company?

Selasky: Show interest. Years ago, my mom was hired by the American Management Association as an administrative coordinator. She was so interested in the programs, etc. She kept asking questions and volunteering to do more and more. Guess what? She became the first female program directors for the Presidents Association, a division of AMA.

Ask lots of questions. Start a Toastmaster’s club, social club or non-profit project. Talk to people in the company that have been successful. Surround yourself with the “positive” people in the company. They do exist.

Cincy Chic: Is it looked down upon to expand one’s role at a company or transition into a new position (possibly in a different department)?

Selasky: There are so many stories about people starting at the lowest level and becoming senior management, possibly even the president of his/her company. As long as you feel you are growing, learning and having fun – keep moving on up or around.

Cincy Chic: Any other morsels of advice?

Selasky: Be true to yourself. You know if it’s the company or if it’s really you not putting forth your best effort. One of the favorite pastimes at work is complaining. It’s fun, easy and everyone joins in. For example, “Can you believe we have to work tonight?,” “Why don’t they…?”, “Why do I have to do everything?,” “Can you believe so-and-so got that promotion?” Just stop it. Quit whining. Think for yourself. Don’t be one of the complainers. Think before you join in all of the grumbling. Be positive, be authentic and you’ll find your true professional calling.