Making Savings Possible

Making Savings Possible

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At an early age, Kelly Reilly understood the importance of finances. "It’s something that everyone needs to understand and have a piece of. You can’t live your life without having some kind of a basic understanding of how money works in the world," she says.


So after working with several different money managers and helping people focus on their retirement savings, Reilly joined the Deals That Give Back team as the cause coordinator. Now, she focuses her financial mindedness toward helping make the site (and its customers and clients) a success.


Similar to sites like Groupon and Living Social, Deals That Give Back offers deals for specific local places and services at a deep discount. Besides the fact that it was started right here in the Queen City, the key difference for Deals That Give Back is that it gives 10 percent of all customer purchases to non-profit organizations. So the overall breakdown of your spending is that 50 percent goes toward the local business featured in the deal, 10 percent goes toward a local non-profit and 40 percent goes toward Deals That Give Back to help them continue to do what they do.


While the local businesses participating in the deals have the option to specify which charity they would like to support with their deal, most leave it up to the customer. So when you buy a deal, you can choose from almost 40 non-profit organizations to receive 10 percent of your purchase price as a donation.


And it’s Reilly’s job to continue to grow and support that number of non-profit organizations. "Basically, they sign up with us, we highlight their cause, and then we send them money as we accumulate it for them," she says. Right now, if all of the available offers sold on Deals That Give Back, the site would be able to donate $156,000 to charity, Reilly says.


Reilly also works with the local businesses interested in featuring a deal on the site. While the customers and charities are getting deals and donations, Reilly makes sure that the deals are also good for the business owner. "What you have to do is really structure a deal that makes sense for them because, as my boss would say, ‘If one deal is good, you have to be good with selling 200 of those deals because you can’t be giving away the store,’ " Reilly says.


And just as the non-profits and local businesses benefit from the deals, you can enjoy up to 90 percent savings through Deals That Give Back — all while supporting a good cause.


For more information about Deals That Give Back or to start saving and supporting, head to For local businesses and non-profits interested in participating on the site, e-mail Reilly at