Helping through Health

Helping through Health

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When it comes to his career path, Omar Imani can look to his family to thank for where he is today. With his mom as an emergency medicine physician and his dad as a general practitioner, Imani found motivation to go into the healthcare industry. And while he could make the big bucks, he didn’t head down his career path for the money. He was driven by a passion to help others.


"My passion for helping others came from my family," Imani says. "I have an older brother who is multi-handicapped. He’s an older brother of mine. He’s six years older than me. He was a big part of my life growing up, and he’s handicapped to the point where he requires 24-hour care."


In helping care for his brother, Imani realized that he wanted to do something with his life that allowed him to help others on a full-time basis. And now he finds his niche with Powermax Nutrition.


Focused on helping others take control of their nutrition and weight loss, Powermax Nutrition specializes in HCG. This hormone is produced by pregnant women, and the weight loss theory behind it basically uses the hormone’s ability to go to the body’s fat supply for energy when coupled with a low-calorie diet.



"If you pair our products with our guide, your success is almost guaranteed as long as you follow everything correctly," says Imani, who added that Powermax Nutrition customers enjoy a 99.5 percent success rate.


The diet that accompanies the HCG hormone therapy goes back to the basics. You focus on lean meats, fruits and vegetables. "Part of the diet is the detox as well because you’re getting rid of your soda pops, your smoking or any type of bad habits that you might have when it comes to drugs or food," Imani says.


Most Powermax Nutrition clients stay on their diet for 23 to 42 days. Then the program offers a maintenance guide and a "phase 3" guide to slowly introduce foods back into the diet for a long-term lifestyle change. "We try and stick with the customer from basically day one from when they start the diet through until they’re basically back to, I guess you could say, their normal life," Imani says.


Beyond the HCG products, Powermax Nutrition offers a vitamin B complex energy supplement. This all-natural supplement gives you energy and boosts your stamina from B vitamins instead of the caffeine, taurine and other crash-inducers like other energy drinks.


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Photographer: Neysa Ruhl

Model: Omar Imani

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