Cincinnati Dating Meets Reality — TV

Cincinnati Dating Meets Reality — TV

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Ladies, your obsession with watching "The Bachelor" and other reality television shows that leave girls empty-handed and heartbroken at the end of it comes to a close with an upcoming Cincinnati-based reality dating show. The Queen City has yet to see a dating sensation quite like Julie Hayes, otherwise known as the "dating diva," who will fill plenty of hearts with love and hope with her new show and matchmaking services.


Along with a few independent producers, Hayes, a native of Anderson Township, has been mulling over the idea of filming a dating reality show right here in her home city. After college, Hayes moved out to Los Angeles to open up her very own Social Dating Event Agency and is now back in the Midwest to grace the Tri-State with her dating services.


However, her L.A. agency was not the first time she was involved in matchmaking, and it was much more than a hobby for Hayes.


"I kinda always did the matchmaking thing just in my personal life, and then when I moved out to L.A., after graduating college, I decided to make it official and open it as a Social Event Dating Agency."


Low and behold, Hayes’ "biggest claim to fame" is the match of her older brother and sister-in-law who have been married for 15 years and now have four children together.



"I feel like my job … has actually become less of a matchmaker but more of just a host. I’m a host of social events that bring people together, and then I let the natural matchmaking and natural chemistry take its course," Hayes says.


That’s exactly how her reality show is going to be planned out. "There will be equal numbering of guys and girls, so more of them go home happy," Hayes says. She will pre-screen the dating participants and then invite the eligible ones to social events that she plans to mix and mingle amongst each other.


Although Hayes does not plan on opening up her dating agency in Cincinnati quite yet, she is still hopeful that it will come out in her events on the upcoming reality show.


"In essence, the dating agency will be open vicariously through the episodes that we are going to film for the show," she says.


This "dating diva" is also on the prowl as she thinks her clients appreciate her more because she is "in the dating trenches," as a single lady herself, she says.


Currently, Hayes and her crew are in negotiations with networks about the details of the show and cannot release any specific details as to when and on what channel her reality show will appear. Just get excited for some special surprises that you will not want to miss as the "dating diva" takes on Cincinnati.


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Photographer: Neysa Ruhl Photography
Model: Julie Hayes
Location: The McAlpin