Driving a Bicycle Built for Two (or Four)

Driving a Bicycle Built for Two (or Four)

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Nothing’s better than a fun, affordable day outdoors when spring comes around. And J-Ride Premiere Pedicabs Owners Beatrice Terekhov and Jared Poweski have exactly that.


Founded in 2010, this eco-friendly transportation is the only pedicab service in the Tri-State area, which legally operates in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, and Covington. As the name suggests, this company works as a cab service, but instead of hopping in a car, customers hop in a carriage attached to a bicycle. The human-maneuvered bicycle carts two to three passengers and is also pet-friendly. Once everyone is ready for a ride, the driver pedals toward the destination.


Whether you’re looking for a ride home from the bar, a scenic route to the Reds’ game or a tour of the historical cities that surround Downtown, J-Ride can provide you with a comfortable seat to sit back and enjoy the ride. Last year, J-Ride provided tours of Covington, the Newport historical homes, and Riverside Drive. "It’s a really unique way to experience the city," Terekhov says.


Beyond everyday activities, Terekhov and Poweski work to make special occasions truly memorable and unique. "It’s relaxing and it’s really intimate," Terekhov says. Terekhov rolled out a red carpet last year for a couple celebrating their anniversary and had the carriage of the pedicab waiting at the end of the carpet.


Decked out in a tuxedo, top hat and white gloves, Poweski drove another couple around Eden Park while a photographer snapped some shots of the two sitting in the neatly decorated wedding-themed carriage. "We go the extra mile because that is what people remember," Terekhov says.


Even though the wedding couple had a sunny day for their adventure on the pedicab, the weather doesn’t stop J-Ride drivers from operating the bicycles. A canopy ensures a tight seal around the passengers so that they are protected from the wind, rain and snow. Even though the drivers bear this inclement weather, Terekhov and Poweski want to guarantee J-Ride passengers a pleasurable ride.


J-Ride also has been known to be involved in events held around town. Whether it’s transferring utensils to set up tents for a festival or transporting people from point A to point B, the pedi cabs are happy to fulfill the needs of those in the community.


"If people haven’t done it yet, they really should," Terekhov says. "It’s not scary. Our drivers are licensed to get passengers on the cab." J-Ride hires 20 drivers per season to transport passengers. It’s a perfect job for someone who’s looking to make extra cash and for those who want to continually stay in shape.


J-Ride looks forward to kicking off their season this week on March 1. Throughout the spring and summer, they will operate all hours of the day, seven days a week. So the next time you’re looking for a unique ride, hail a pedicab.


For more information about J-Ride, check out J-Rides.com.




Photo courtesy of J-Ride Premiere Pedicabs