Sexiest Tri-State Jobs

Sexiest Tri-State Jobs

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The staff over at conducted a very serious, yet informal, poll on its site — not about cost of living, personal salary reports or SMB retention strategies — instead, staffers posed this pressing and timely (originally created around Valentine’s Day) question to their readers: “What’s the sexiest job?”

Nearly 5,000 people submitted their votes and the results turned out to be very interesting as neither money nor looks ended up being the deciding factors for readers.


We here at Cincy Chic thought it would be cool to conduct our very own “Sexiest Tri-State Job” poll to see if your job qualifies as one of the sexiest in the “Cintuckindy” land (we promise the options “stripper” or “phone sex operator” won’t be included to skew the results!). Vote away!









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Don’t see your job listed above? Leave us a comment below on why your job/career should’ve made the list!


If you have 5:18 minutes of your life to spare, then click here or on the play button below to see the “E! Sexiest Hollywood Jobs” special that ran earlier this year. All we have to say is…only in LaLa land! 


Photo: Neysa Ruhl Photography
Location: Fischer Homes
Model:  Elizabeth Mayer
Makeup Artistry: Jocelyn Sparks, Zoë Custom Cosmetics