Spruce Up Your Cube

Spruce Up Your Cube

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Sure, we would all like to have the corner office with the great view, not to mention a door. But make the most with what you’ve got for now.

First, get organized. There are a variety of items that can help you keep your 4×4 organized and save on space. Go shopping at an office supply store, online or discount store.

There’s an array of shelves that can be hang from your cube walls to store paper, folders or binders. Another option is a swank desktop file organizer. To free up desktop space, consider a storage box for under your desk. Finding storage outside of your cube for items that you don’t use on a daily basis can also free up space.

And oh, what you can do with a binder. Store related information in a binder with lots of tabs and a snazzy label. Line 'em up in a row, so you can quickly access everything you need.

By the way, do you really need those sticky notes posted up all around your cube? You know the notes like the faded one from Bob in IT on how to reset your printer. Collect all your post it notes, type them on one tip sheet and keep it close at hand.

Your cube should be functional, but fun too. Personalize it. Remember, there’s about 300 cube clones just like yours. What’s your life all about? Sports fanatic, hound dog for Elvis or world traveler? Express yourself! Decorate your cube and hang a Bengal’s banner, Elvis poster or your lei from Hawaii. Just don’t junk it up! Remember, we just got organized.

Personalizing your cube shows your individuality, and can be a great conversation starter. So, bring in your pictures, paraphernalia and punch up your cube.

But it’s not all about you. Help out your cube mate. Pass on these tips to help them spruce up their cube.