Strengths and Sisterhood: A Secret to Career Success

Strengths and Sisterhood: A Secret to Career Success

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Since launching Sagestone Partners in 2008, Erin Schreyer has been helping women from all over the city become the best versions of themselves.


In her prior experience in business development and organizational leadership for consulting firms, "the one thing I saw in common, regardless of the company, was that organizations don’t always understand how to engage their people as leaders," says Schreyer. So, she made it her mission to find some solutions.


After getting trained and certified as a Leadership and Talent Management Coach, Schreyer went on to receive training and certification from The Marcus Buckingham Company, the world’s leading expert on strengths. She didn’t stop there — today John Maxwell, who has authored more than 55 best-selling books on leadership, is Schreyer’s very own mentor.


"I’m so passionate about helping businesses to get the value of their greatest assets—their people," she says. One Sagestone Partners event, however, really stands out for the female crowd. It’s the Strengths and Sisterhood event series, and it’s different than any other networking event. "This isn’t just about networking. It’s about empowering women and helping us all to be more successful by coming together and bringing the best of who we are," she says.


The program happens quarterly and it’s a place where women can celebrate their personal strengths and accomplishments, share their stories and look to each other for inspiration — all in a supportive and welcoming environment. A variety of successful female leaders make up a panel at the event and share their experiences and offer their support to inspire other women to succeed.


Schreyer strongly believes that in order to enact change and achieve success in the workplace, women must stand and act together towards this common goal. The event works toward that goal and has been so positive for so many women.


"We can’t contribute our best to our careers if we don’t clearly understand what our best is," explains Schreyer. "We need to clearly understand our strengths and also how we can maximize them and leverage them for our success."


Schreyer says the program also helps women to shift their thinking and to advocate more positively for themselves and for other women. In addition, Strengths and Sisterhood leverages the YWCA philosophy of "Lift As We Climb," as it helps to achieve success while reaching out a hand to other women along the way. "It’s the only way we’ll help minimize the gap of gender inequity," she says. "It’s more important now than ever that women know how to demonstrate their leadership and help other women to do so as well."


Photographer: Neysa Ruhl Photography
Model: Erin Schreyer