Investors Get Bang for Their Buck, Community with SVP

Investors Get Bang for Their Buck, Community with SVP

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A hero is a courageous person who goes out of their way to help someone else. That’s exactly what Social Venture Partners (SVP) Cincinnati is doing.


Cincinnati is one of 25 cities involved with the Seattle-based SVP International, to cover the 20-county area of Greater Cincinnati. SVP has a mission of seeking long-term positive social change in two ways: "Educating individuals to be well informed, effective and engaged philanthropists," and secondly, "Investing time, expertise and money in innovative non-profits to strengthen these organizations," according to SVP.


In order to accomplish this mission, SVP combines grants, high-level volunteerism, non-profit capacity building and philanthropic education. They call their unique model, "venture philanthropy." They seek to find the outstanding organizations that have strong management teams and a strong love for seeing better outcomes than before.


So, how does SVP manage to fund these non-profits? The SVP partners make a yearly contribution of $6,000. According to SVP, "The funds are pooled and used to provide meaningful grants to investees. In addition, partner contributions support SVP’s programs and operations. Grant funds are used for general operating support and capacity-building projects." Then, those funds are balanced out with the time and expertise given by the partners.


SVP seeks to help only the promising non-profits. By proving their passion and drive is up to SVP standards, the non-profits are rewarded through grants and the help of skilled volunteers. This assistance makes a much greater impact on the community that the non-profit is trying to help.


SVP is built by a network of "engaged donors." According to SVP, "Many of us are new to philanthropy, and for those of us who are only familiar with writing checks, learning to make thoughtful investments in the community takes more work, but it’s more exciting and truly a deeper investment."


Through these heroic donors, SVP has been able to accomplish many achievements. One of these achievements includes the well-known Civic Garden Center (CGC) on Reading Rd., which was named the SVP’s first social investment partner. Today, SVP donates $25,000 and a team of highly qualified volunteers to help the CGC’s vision become a reality.


There are plenty of ways to become one of the heroic partners of SVP. By getting more people involved, "The spectrum of activities leverages the annual financial contributions, maximizes partners’ skills and personal experiences, and increases their community impact." SVP has fun ways for its partners to be educated from Subject-Area Seminars, which are set up like speed dating for a fast-paced, high-energy education experience to book discussions, which are held at partners’ homes or local restaurants. Donating your time is valued just as much as your monetary donations, so SVP also welcomes volunteers with open arms.


SVP is looking for new heroes every day. By getting involved, you’re helping our community be healthier, more sustainable and safer for the generations to come. To get involved, contact SVP via e-mail or call (513) 458-6709.