Wear Your Thoughts with Wearcast

Wear Your Thoughts with Wearcast

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Jaydev Karande was always flush with an entrepreneurial spirit, even as an 11-year-old child. Using his parents’ convenience store as a business model, Karande saw an opportunity to make a profit of his own and sell candy from the store to his fellow students in the cafeteria before lunchtime. Replacing Kit Kats for carrot sticks and possibly contributing to cavities didn’t matter – Karande had a product that people wanted and were willing to pay for; a classic example of supply and demand economics that Karande understood very well.


Karande has come a long way from his sugar slinging days. In 2004, he along with his friend Sameer Mungur, created Cincinnati-based Zipscene, a Web site that provides people with local entertainment information (the site now reaches 57 cities across the U.S.). After six years, Karande began to focus the company more to a mobile Web site concept and then his sedulous personality led him to his latest entrepreneurial endeavor as CEO and Founder of Wearcast.


"My friends and I come up with funny stuff all the time. I thought, what if we could come up with a way to transfer those ideas to clothing and create a T-shirt, instantly, that doesn’t require any designing skills, is as easy as updating your Facebook status, and gives you something that’s really cool and retail quality. That was sort of the genesis for Wearcast," says Karande.


The Web site is co-founded by Chad Reynolds, who brought his experience from his own company, Fanattik, which specializes in custom, you-design-it, school spirit wear. Wearcast’s Web site just went live in the beginning of the month and already boasts more than 1,000 users.


Wearcast is based on a social media platform very similar to Twitter and allows users to sign up via Facebook, making their T-shirt designs shareable to their friends. Topics will "trend" and you can see designs relating to funny, inspirational or pop culture references that other users created. Any design can be purchased for $15.99.


Karande sees the potential Wearcast can have not just for individual users, but companies seeking alternative promotional tools as well.


"Wearcast allows you to have no inventory, infinite design choices and you can share it through your social media. For brand identity, it takes it to the next step and is a perfect avenue for marketing."


Karande already has some famous Wearcast supporters: Russell Simmons snatched up a Wearcast design after Karande served as MC at an event where Simmons spoke at the University of Cincinnati in May. And Bootsy Collins will be using Wearcast to help promote his world tour this summer. Wearcast also launched their mobile app at the SXSW® Music and Media Conference in March, drawing attention from the biggest media giants like Google and Facebook.


Backed financially by CincyTech and other private investors, Wearcast has the opportunity to gain capital as it develops. Even though exciting things are happening to Karande, he doesn’t take anything for granted. Wearcast is the result of a dedicated journey and belief that he could never fail if he tried hard enough.


"I have never come across a time where I wanted to give up-I don’t give up. You will consistently hit roadblocks. You will get no’s from customers, you’ll get no’s from everyone. You have to get really comfortable with rejection. But it always came down to having faith and following my passion," says Karande.


From candy seller, to valet, to marketing/promotions for Jeff Ruby’s to Zipscene, to Wearcast, Karande has been in pursuit of connecting with as many people as possible, while always keeping the entrepreneurial spirit alive and thriving.


To learn more about Wearcast, visit wearcast.com.