Breaking into the Real Estate Biz

Breaking into the Real Estate Biz

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For about five million people, the excitement of making the deal and the potential for lucrative pay make the real estate business very seductive. If you think you have an entrepreneurial spirit and the wherewithal to endure the industry’s downturns, it just may be the career choice for you.

So, say you’re not intimidated by huge numbers of competitors and let’s assume you’re a go-getter who thrives on being compensated based on your execution. There are still some pros and cons to consider when thinking of delving into the real estate profession.



  • Potential to make huge amounts of money
  • Ability to make lasting client relationships
  • Flexibility to make your own schedule
  • Entrepreneurial creativity abounds



  • The hours are long and can bleed into personal time
  • The pay can be low in the beginning
  • The industry is very competitive, sometimes downright cut-throat
  • No set career path

After weighing it, if you’re still thinking you have the moxie (and the wardrobe) for it; you may want to check out some of the local real estate agencies here in town:


Go online and take their Core Capacities Index, which is a tool that will let you dip your toe in by taking a survey that will evaluate if you have similar qualities to Huff’s most successful agents.

Sibcy Cline
Similar to Huff, Sibcy Cline has an online tool to evaluate your aptitude to do well in the competitive real estate industry. There’s also an online personality assessment. Sibcy Cline also has on-going career seminars around the Tri-State.

Other agencies in the area include:
Coldwell Banker-West Shell
Comey & Shepherd

And as we all know that desire is never enough, you’re going to have to pass a state exam to get licensed to sell property in your given state.

Real Estate licensing helps the realtor to protect their clients while they buy and sell real property. The agent acts as catalyst between the various parties involved in a transfer of title to real estate. The Real Estate Broker License or Real Estate Agent License indicates that the person has what it takes to help consumers through the maze of finding, evaluating and financing real estate.

The Ohio Department of Commerce has a listing of schools that provide pre-license courses. Course work is approximately 240 hours. The examination fee is anywhere from $45 to $70.

Finally, research and stay up-to-date with the latest in real estate happenings by subscribing to industry publications and joining industry organizations such as Ohio Association of Realtors or National Association of Realtors (NAR).


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