New Technology Attracts New Business in Tough Market

New Technology Attracts New Business in Tough Market

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After an 11-year Major League Baseball career, Joe Price knows a little something about hitting a home run. And in his new role of chief operating officer of HUFF Realty, he hit a home run, but in a much different way than before.


Today, he’s hitting it out of the park by implementing new, technologically savvy ways for HUFF to help their clients buy and sell homes.


The first advancement is a system unique to HUFF in this market. It’s called the HUFF Market Tracker/Investment Tracker automated e-mail system. "Our agents can load their entire database into this system, set up whatever time interval the client would like and deliver relevant market data by zip code, city or neighborhoods in as detailed a format as the client would like," says Price. "[Clients] receive that every 28 days."


The second item is the HUFF Anytime Listing Line, a system where anyone can get property information on any home listed for sale in the market from any cell phone at any time — using a single phone number. "Whenever they call on a property, they will also receive a text message with the property information as well as a link that will take them to the web site for photos, detailed information, etc.," explains Price. "If they are a ‘registered buyer,’ they receive an e-mail with the link and additional information."


Price says there is no obligation whatsoever to become registered, and any one can do it at "It really is pretty cool," he says. "Imagine driving to the grocery store on Saturday morning and seeing a home that just popped up on the market, call the HUFF Anytime Listing Line number and instantly know the price, number of bedrooms, etc. You can even get an estimated payment!"


The other new tools HUFF recently implemented are seller specific tools that have proven extremely effective in a very tough market, according to Price.



The HUFF Listing Advantage is the listing syndication platform. "Syndication is the process wherein our HUFF Realty listings are placed on over 360 different real estate search sites across the World Wide Web," he says. "It’s amazing to me when I hear stories of one of our agents who sold one of their listings to someone who lives across town but found the listing on, [or]"


The HUFF Virtual Advantage allows every HUFF Real Estate listing to have a virtual tour associated with it, automatically. "What this means is that every time a listing is entered into the MLS, a tour is created and posted to the web — very cool," Price says with excitement. "The agent can go in and customize the tour however they’d like, add music, include voice-over, add panoramic photos, etc."


The HUFF Virtual e-mail Platform is a professionally created template wherein HUFF agents can enter any information, any number of photos, video, even the seller’s own comments. This template, when completed, can then be e-mailed, and instantly posted to any social media site. "We ask our sellers to place this on their Facebook page and it’s amazing the number of showing appointments we receive from these."


Price was a bit tight-lipped when asked about the social media marketing campaign they just launched. But he did say, with a smile, it’s going "very, very well. We’ll leave it at that for now."



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