Cutting out Work Clutter

Cutting out Work Clutter

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072108CAREER.jpgToday, simplicity and time are forgotten luxuries for most. Scrambling around to get the kids to soccer practice, making sure all the projects are done at work and trying to plan for future events aren’t easy to do when you have to dive through a pile of paperwork that’s been accumulating for months.

Luckily, there are companies dedicated to get you and your fellow employees organized and on the right path. Barbara Hall, owner of Cincinnati-based Unlimited Potential Leadership, is one of those people. Based in Cincinnati, Hall is hired by small businesses and large corporations to perform individual consultations with their employees. Once the consultations are complete, Hall is able to assess their personalities and get them on the right track to become more productive and organized, both mentally and physically. 0208GIBBERMAN.gif

“You can’t manage time, you have to manage time behavior,” Hall says. “Unless someone wants to change their behavior, it’s not going to do any good.”

One assessment Hall uses to help people become more effective at work is called the “Time Behavior Assessment.” This assessment helps Hall understand every person’s individual behavior, then individual goals are set and a sustainable change in behavior is sought.
“Sometimes, people just need to close their door or put a do not disturb sign up in their cubicle,” Hall says. “Focusing and shutting out distractions are the most important things to do when you are trying to get work done.”

However, if your company doesn’t hire an organizational professional, Hall recommends one particular product: a day planner.  “A day planner will allow you to get a handle on everything,” Hall says. “Make a list of everything you need to get done, putting the most important projects on the top of the list.”


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