Relax at the Office?! It’s Easier Than You Think

Relax at the Office?! It’s Easier Than You Think

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1. Dump at the door: As you go into work, identify the personal problems/issues you need to "dump" while there. Work is stressful enough without carrying personal stressors too. You don't have time tend to these issues at work anyway. Get rid of your stresses by grabbing some index cards, writing down the issues and putting them away in a box until the workday is done.



2. Develop your plan: Take 15 minutes to plan your day. Know where you're going and how you're going to get there. Stay on your plan to help you focus. When you are focused, you are less overwhelmed. Less overwhelmed feelings equals less stress.


3. Focus, focus, focus: Though most people's tendency is to multi-task, it's often unproductive and stress inducing. Give your complete focus to one project or issue at a time. Once that is accomplished, move to the next.


4. Celebrate, celebrate, celebrate: Once you've focused and succeeded, don't rush to the next challenge. Take a few minutes to savor you success and let it sink in. It will make you feel good.


5. Stretch, bend and wiggle: While at your desk, do one minute of stretches, multiple times a day. It relieves tension and stress. Research will tell you short but frequent breaks give you the best "bang for your buck."

6. Move it, move it, move it: Don your tennis shoes, grab a colleague and walk during lunchtime. You'll come back reenergized and refreshed.


7. Quick—breathe: Do a 6/3/6, a quickie breathing exercise. Breathe in for a count of six, hold for three and release for a count of six. Works anywhere—in the elevator, at your desk or even before a stressful meeting with the boss.


8. Laugh it off: Keep cartoons, jokes and other humor inducing items near you. For me, it's Chuck. Chuck is a stuffed, wind-up hamster that sings "Kung Fu Fighting." No matter how stressed, hearing Chuck's squeaky little voice and watching him swing his nunchuck makes me laugh. Laughter's great because it sends stress busting endorphins throughout your body.


9. Reframe: Perspective changes what we view as stressful. What could you be happy about or grateful for? When the going gets tough, make the tough get going by gaining perspective.


10. Dump at the door, again: You know the drill. Leave the work at work. Unless you plan to actively do a work task at home, mentally leave it there!