Five Companies You Need to Know About

Five Companies You Need to Know About

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Ernst & Young
Ernst & Young provides financial services to people in nearly 140 different countries. Despite their size, however, the company maintains a community focus with programs like the Entrepreneur of the Year program. Ernst & Young also strives to form a strong foundation through its employees. “We’re passionate about helping our people to achieve their potential. When our people achieve their best, we can help our clients achieve their best too,” according to the company’s Web site.

In Cincinnati, Ernst & Young has achieved this goal with people like Michele Heath, senior manager of the Risk Advisory Services for Ernst & Young. Heath came to Cincinnati three years ago and is on her climb up the corporate ladder to the position as the first African-American partner in the Big Four Accounting Firms in the Cincinnati area.

“I believe my ability to achieve this career goal will impact our city, and it will also signify change that the city is undergoing from a diversity perspective,” Heath says. Heath has worked at a number of Fortune 500 companies and is currently living a “long-time goal” of hers by being on the board of five not-for-profit organizations. (And you thought you were a busy bee!)

Even with her own drive to thrive, Heath credits Ernst & Young with playing a part in her success. “I truly believe that the Firm’s leadership has exceeded my expectations,” Heath says. “And my success at the firm has been based on great mentorship, professional development and endless opportunities.”


081108HEALTH2.jpgCincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
Every life is important, but children, innocent and dependent, call for special care. And Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center answers that call. In its 2008 report, US News & World Report ranks Children’s Hospital third in the country’s pediatric hospitals. This is the best ranking the hospital has ever received from the publication.


Although your children’s lives are important, you have to look out for the one in the mirror too. TriHealth can give you the best of both worlds because ranked this company in its 100 Best Companies. This award highlights companies who “are leading by example, giving women the programs, choices and support they need to shine at work and at home,” according to the award description. TriHealth received the recognition because of benefits such as extended leave for parents, on-site childcare and schedule flexibility, among other attractive options.


Advanced Mechanical Products, Inc.
While Children’s Hospital and TriHealth provide healthcare, Advanced Mechanical Products, Inc. is providing some “preventative medicine” for the environment with a completely gas- and oil-free electric car. So, the sky may be the limit for some, but Founder and President Jack Kuntz took the Saturn SKY beyond its limits by converting it into the AMP, a completely electric car that goes 150 miles on each “fill up” at the outlet.

 “Those that have ordered are sending a message that there is a way to provide personal transportation that does not pollute the environment or require us to send our money to foreign countries for their oil while providing some relief at the pump,” Kuntz says.


You can pre-order your own AMP and be one of only 300 people to own one of the Signature Release AMPs. Although offers have come from international buyers, Greater Cincinnati residents are the only people eligible to drive away with their own AMP.


Cincinnati Business Incubator, Inc.
If you are or are planning to follow in Kuntz’s footsteps by starting your own company, the Cincinnati Business Incubator, Inc. is here to help. Focused on women- and minority-owned businesses, this company works to beat the odds of the 60 percent of new businesses that fold in their first six years. “CBI’s existence and support has created growth opportunities and increased economic development for myself and for the city of Cincinnati,” says Tracey Hayes, CBI customer care coordinator and owner of Simply Perfect. So, dare to dream and take advantage of the success opportunity CBI is offering.


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Courtesy of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
Third Photo: Courtesy of Advanced Mechanical Products, Inc.