A Day in the DAAP Life

A Day in the DAAP Life

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What is your perfect world? Can you put it into words? Can you sketch it?


0208GIBBERMAN.gif I’ll let you in on a secret, right under our noses at the University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning (DAAP) a community of scholars labor with love for their perfect world by improving the lives of others through the mastery of design. These scholars are not just educated in all facets and outlets of design but also pushed to explore what has yet to be seen and coveted.

A unique building designed by renowned architect Peter Eisenman houses high-end designers in Cincinnati (yes, Cincinnati). Inside the powerful and innovative structure is a realm of creativity and an elite group of fashion designers. Try to absorb an ounce of the passion and dedication that these students possess, you will surely sing a different note the next time you say that you “appreciate the arts.”


Young fashionistas dream of being the next label that you would sell your right arm to wear. I know first hand, I have been in these classrooms that took me all over the country on life-changing internships. These companies, whose garments may now hang in your closet, gave me wonderful inspiration and keen insight into the internal workings of the fashion world.


So what goes on day-to-day that produces professionals with such intensity for creativity, life and innovation? Unlike other design schools, DAAP begins with having a liberal arts education while studying the foundation, structure and history of all design. Once these skills are mastered, designers pick up pencils for illustration, pattern making and technical drawing, thimbles and thread for sewing, and Wacom tablets for design software.


In addition, they travel to various locations for six different three-month internships. I have interned for Nike, Hollister, Aldo, Sean John, Target and Fossil. My peers have at Armani, Vera Wang, BCBG, Victoria’s Secret and many other phenomenal designers. (And you thought Cincinnati was the underdog of fashion).


Imagine walking into a department store or boutique adorned with clothing you created while going to work everyday in a creative atmosphere that thrives and makes profit on you being you.


What have you done today to create your perfect world? Pick up a pencil. Write it down, draw it out and make it happen!