The USS Nightmare: Behind the Screams

The USS Nightmare: Behind the Screams

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Cincinnati is very versatile with its tradition of festivals and events throughout the year. And as fall rolls in, we have Halloween to look forward to. One woman in particular has brought a gruesomely scary event to the Queen City.

Cincy Chic recently spoke to Glenna Rizzo, the leading lady of the USS Nightmare (now in its 16th season), whose tagline warns visitors to “prepare to have the ship scared out of you!”

Q: How did the USS Nightmare idea come about?

A: I had been working for the B&B Riverboats and knew about the old boat. It was actually being considered getting turned into another restaurant. One night, my husband and I were walking by it and I said this boat would make a really great "haunted boat." So we decided to mention it to the boss but nothing really prevailed. Then, a couple years down the road
some other co-workers mentioned the same idea to the head hauncho and he finally agreed and here we are!

Q: As a woman, what do you feel you bring to the USS Nightmare family?

The fact that we attract such a young audience; we also are staffed by a young crew! As for me being in my 50s, I feel I bring a lot of warmth, care and passion to the staff. We have a great foundation of people who make this all happen. I feel that I mother the acting crew and they
don't seem to mind.

Tickets to experience the USS Nightmare are $15 regular admission or $20, allowing you to skip the line and get right to the action! The Nightmare will be open from 7 to 11 p.m. Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday, and 7 p.m. to 1 a.m. Friday and Saturday until Nov. 3.


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