Holiday Helper

Holiday Helper

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As the mercury drops and the days grow shorter, the warmth of the holidays helps you make it through the winter season. And that spirit comes through in everything down to business lobby and retail store displays.


Those displays wouldn’t be possible without people like Color Brite Display Owner Chris Brinker.


Color Brite Display is one of only a few display houses in the country that provide retail hardware as well as visual display elements. Because of its specialty spot in the business world, the company works with clients around the globe to satisfy their retail display needs.


But with the store located at 6915 Harrison Avenue, Tri-State businesses can take advantage of this local gem. Brinker uses her 38 years of experience to work with businesses around the Queen City to design and manufacture elements for their annual holiday decor.


From custom-made snowflakes to made-to-order giant bows, Brinker and her staff have played a major part in turning imaginative visions into reality. "People call, they have needs, we work with them to find out what they need, and go from there," Brinker says. Photobucket


The customer interaction is high on Brinker’s list of why she loves to do what she does. "I enjoy helping people. We all enjoy that the most," Brinker says.


Beyond giving her the ability to enjoy lending a helping hand, Color Brite Display also helps Brinker enjoy the holiday season herself. While she works with the seasonal décor day in and day out, this business owner doesn’t get tired of the snowflakes, trees, and other winter decorations.


"We take a lot of pride in what other people do because we’ve got this little tiny piece of the action. We get to help in some small way, and it is rewarding. APhotobucketnd it does make us enjoy [the holiday season] more," Brinker says.


And just as the holidays are a time for family, Color Brite Display is a family business. Brinker is a second generation owner, and her daughter works with her. The family feeling goes beyond blood lines, though, Brinker says, and it includes the entire staff.


For more information about Color Brite Display, visit, and for your company’s holiday décor needs, check out the contact page for Color Brite Display.



Photographer: Neysa Ruhl
Location: Color Brite Display