Be a Smashin’ Secret Santa

Be a Smashin’ Secret Santa

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Be a good Secret Santa!

Shouldn’t the guy in the big red suit be the one to make “big shot” Bob’s holiday brighter? Not if you drew Bob’s name in the inter-office Secret Santa program!

Look on the bright side: with the Secret Santa program, you cut down on expenses by not having to buy for all 10 of your coworkers, and you cut down on time spent holiday shopping in hectic malls!

But wait! Before you run off to shop for Bob, remember you want to stay within the budget everyone in the office agreed upon and you don’t want to embarrass or shock Bob. When Bob opens his gift and sees your name on the package as his Secret Santa, you want him to be pleasantly surprised.

Take a little time to learn more about Bob. Watch where he goes to get lunch, and buy him a gift certificate to the restaurant he frequents most often. Listen to which band he's always rocking out to in his cubicle, and pre-order him that band's forthcoming album. Does he spend every weekend working on homes for Habitat for Humanity? Get a certificate to let him know you donated to his favorite charity. Is he always quoting random movies? Get him the "Scene It" game that will put all that useless knowledge to the test. Taking a few minutes to learn more about your giftee will help you select a perfect gift.

If Bob is hard to get to know, ask his close co-worker buddies about him. If they don't give you any leads, you may have to get something practical, such as a gift card for gas, car washes or groceries. But at least you know it's something he's sure to use!

You could brighten more than Bob’s holiday. When Bob is late because his car broke down or his day is just not going well, give him a lift. Put some candy, a lottery ticket or his favorite drink on his desk when he steps away.

A good Secret Santa is there to brighten your day and enhance your holiday experience whether it’s at the office or with family and friends.

Get help with your Secret Santa program online. Click here to learn how to organize a Secret Santa program for work or check out the free online Secret Santa gift exchange event planner at

Enjoy your Santa gig! You only have to do it once a year, you may make a friend and you don’t have to wear a red suit.



Models: (facing) Rosina Luca, stylist and marketing manager at Avalon Salon and Aesthetic Day Spa in Hyde Park, and Cincy Chic's Management Intern Regan Coomer.