Imaginative Space, Innovative Results

Imaginative Space, Innovative Results

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The blank walls and harsh lines of a conference room may say business, but they don’t exactly scream cutting-edge thinking. So when you and your colleagues need to get your creative juices flowing, you need to think outside of that conference room box. And that’s where BOOST…for meeting’s sake comes in.


As a former corporate meeting planner, assistant banquet manager and facility manager, Owner Jenny White always heard requests for "somewhere cool to have a meeting — somewhere with natural sunlight, couches — somewhere where we could be in Cincinnati but not feel like we’re in Cincinnati," she says. So White constantly was on a quest for that "cool" meeting place for her job until she decided to create it herself.


Now, BOOST boasts a window-filled space, rooftop terrace and couches. White also incorporates other elements like the Nintendo Wii and a corn hole set to encourage natural collaboration, she says.


"BOOST was created by someone who has the meeting planning experience, so being a meeting planner, I designed the space with the meeting owner, the meeting planner and the attendees in mind," White says. And with her experience she knows how different meetings have different needs and how a set agenda can evolve throughout the course of a meeting. Sterling-Web-InStory.gif


To address those meeting realities, one of the key parts of BOOST is its flexibility. "I wanted the space to be a flexible backdrop where any agenda could be actively executed and where the attendees could be productive while enjoying themselves," White says. So the furniture easily moves around to accommodate different meeting groups, and it even can change throughout the course of one group’s stay, depending on the group’s needs.


Complementing the flexibility, availability is another key word for BOOST. White keeps bins of regular and even not-so-regular office supplies readily available for meetings. "I’m trying to streamline for them the meeting planning process. We make it so that everything is here," she says. 


So whether it’s post-it notes, audio visual equipment, snacks or even prototyping materials, BOOST covers it in the all-inclusive price per person for renting the space. "In that cost you’re going to get all your meeting supplies, all of your audio-video, all-day snacks and beverages, a hospitality provider, everything," White says.


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Photographer: Ashley Sohngen

Model: Jenny White

Location: BOOST…for meeting’s sake