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Network After Work

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They say it’s not about what you know; it’s who you know. That’s why you should know about Network After Work, a new series of networking events in Cincinnati, that’s connected to a database of chapters in other cities nation-wide.


According to co-founder, Samantha Ballenger, Network After Work is a business and social event company that specializes in hosting business networking events. The purpose of the events is to bring like-minded business professionals together to connect face to face. “Our goal is to bring people from behind the computer screen to form useful connections and relationships,” Ballenger adds.


Ballenger created the concept with James Miller, and they’ve diligently worked for the past 4.5 years to make Network After Work the fastest growing business and social networking company in the country.


Network After Work hosts monthly or bi-monthly events depending on the city. This allows guests a chance to make connections and reinforce connections that were made at previous events. Events are hosted in a manner that allows great guest interaction which ultimately leads to growing relationships and business success. “We have had guests grow their business by over 1,000% percent and close multi-million dollar deals by coming to our events,” says Ballenger.


There are currently 400,000 members in Network After Work, with big plans for growth. “We host in 41 cities across the country with plans to expand throughout the US and internationally in 2014,” explains Ballenger. “We currently host over 250 events per year, and there will more than double the number of events in 2014.”


A new Network After Work website is also in the works. According to Ballenger, it will include several new features such as including profiles and offer ways to connect with people from other cities, as well as some new proprietary features that aren’t being done elsewhere. “We are planning on the new site being up and running no later than June 2014,” says Ballenger.


For more information, visit or their Facebook fanpage to find out more information and to see upcoming events in your area.