Virtual Solutions for Real World Business

Virtual Solutions for Real World Business

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Nearly a decade ago Amy Fox took off her training wheels to ride on her own, and she launched Accelerated Business Results, a full-service training and social media company. "I just had a passion to blend the traditional training as well as technology-driven training solutions together and offer company’s really creative custom solutions that would kind of bring the best of both mediums together," Fox says.


So she did just that. Accelerated BR maintains the traditional, time-tested solutions. "The clients that we serve, they’re not looking for just anybody who can utilize social media, utilize the Internet and build that into training. It has to be grounded with best-in-class methodologies and research, which is really the foundation and center of our business," Fox says.


What Accelerated BR does, however, is to take that traditional foundation into the 21st century by building upon it with technological solutions. These solutions could include anything from training in how to use social media effectively in the business world to helping companies train employees on new policies.


"Usually when there’s new knowledge, skills or attitude required, that translates to a training need, and all training is not created equal. It has to be carried out in a way that, at the end of the day, those employees are doing what they need to do in the right way and consistently," Fox says.


And companies can go to Accelerated BR to get that reliable training. With their cutting-edge solutions, Accelerated BR can create online real-world simulations to give employees to turn practice into perfection. "We can create interactive demos for a company to internally market an idea," Fox says.


So while company heads make business-changing decisions, Accelerated BR helps make sure those decisions come to fruition on the front lines. "When anything changes in a business, it has to trickle down to customer-facing or frontline employees carrying out the new charter or new change," Fox says. "So if those employees don’t understand really clearly what they need to carry out — their role, their responsibilities, new required skills and attitudes &madsh; then progress isn’t made."


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Photographer: Neysa Ruhl
Model: Amy Fox
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