A Pop-Up Lands in Cincinnati

A Pop-Up Lands in Cincinnati

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DeVries Global is a pop-up agencythat recently landed in the Queen City

You’ve probably heard of a “pop-up shop” or “pop-up boutique” before, but how about a “pop-up agency”? DeVries Global, an NYC-based consumer PR and social media agency, popped-up in Cincinnati for the summer with the hope of bringing creative disruption to every day work life.


“We hosted stimulating conversations with the people who are shaping our industry to inspire everyone we touched to come together and think differently,” says Adrianna Bevilaqua, Managing Director at DeVries Global. “Pop-Up shops have been a hot trend – we have seen the world’s most exciting media outlets and brands bring exclusive experiences to consumers via easily consumable, transient pop-up spaces.”


DeVries Global embraced this trend and added a new spin by using it as a way to bring a piece of the company to clients, partners and friends.


“From dialogues with top influencers to an Instagram walk of Cincinnati or just chilling out on our couches and listening to our favorite Spotify playlists – attendees used our pop-up as a place to think, connect and be inspired,” says Bevilaqua. “This creative salon is our Anti-Conference Call where inspiring conversations happen, especially targeting the headquarters of our longest standing client here in Cincinnati.”


What sets DeVries Global apart from its competitors, according to Bevilaqua, is that they a global PR and social media agency, and also consider themselves “creative engineers.”


“We like to look from the outside, and in that we observe, study and listen to culture to help create insights and ideas that can actually matter to both our clients and to other people in the world,” says Bevilaqua.


In a professional world often ruled by Outlook, conference calls, WebEx, IM and e-mails, Bevilaqua says they thought it would be refreshing to unplug and have some face time – in the real world. Which is why the space was designed to feel like a midsummer oasis rather than an office.


“It was host to a variety of morning and evening events – from dialogues with top influencers, like Rent the Runway, Bonnie Fuller and Paper Magazine to power yoga mornings that get the brain moving, visitors could use the pop-up to escape the traditional work environment while still feeling like they could be productive and creative,” says Bevilaqua. “Plus, they could be inspired outside our pop-up by joining our curated walk through downtown Cincinnati to learn about the power of an Instagram photo.”


Why Cincinnati? Bevilaqua explains that it just made sense for DeVries Global. “After years of coming here, we have a great deal of affection for the city and its people, food and culture,” she says. “The city is going through a bit of renaissance and we are happy to see it and be apart of it in our own, small way.”


The outcome has been great for DeVries Global. “We’ve had a fantastic turnout. Our events attracted more than 60 attendees and we’ve had countless ideas and laughs during our time in Cincy – as well as some great beers thanks to Rhinegeist,” adds Bevilaqua.


“We love Cincinnati – and although our pop-up has ended (for now), we will still be popping in and out of our favorite places in the city,” says Bevilaqua. “You never know where we will pop up!”


To see where the DeVries Global Pop-Up will pop-up next, follow them on twitter @devriesglobal.