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Ahalogy co-founders Michael Wohlschlaeger and Bob Gilbreath

By now, you’ve probably heard of Pinterest and its powerful potential to drive traffic. But do you have the time and know-how to turn Pinterest into profits for your business? That’s where Ahalogy can help.


Ahalogy is a fast-growing social media software and service company located in Cincinnati, solves this issue in helping businesses grow results on Pinterest while reducing brands’ effort, charging only for results.


Co-founders Michael Wohlschlaeger and Bob Gilbreath, who share a passion for using technology to make marketing more meaningful for businesses and their customers, launched Ahalogy in October 2012. The business concept, is an iteration of a previous company that Wohschlaeger started called StyleZen, a “Pandora for fashion,” according to Sarah Blazak, Marketing Communications Manager at Ahalogy.


“At StyleZen, Michael was experimenting with Pinterest to grow followers and traffic to the website when he discovered the kind of ‘hockey-stick growth’ that Pinterest can have when done right,” says Blazak. She describes this “A-ha!” moment in saying that, “when Bob saw this type of growth, he recognized the opportunity for marketers and joined Michael to build the business that is now Ahalogy.”


Today, Ahalogy has grown to employ more than 40 people and works with a little over two-dozen brands, including names like Kellogg’s, Gap, Piperline, Townhouse, and more. Although the company was started in Cincinnati, Ahalogy has expanded to New York City, where they find the most agency and media partners per square mile.


“Our Content Network has grown to include more than 1,000 unique publishes, who together, have 50 million Pinterest followers and see about 40 million monthly site visits from Pinterest alone,” says Blazak. Altogether, Ahalogy is the largest single publisher on Pinterest, receiving nearly 10 percent of all Pinterest traffic – and 17 percent of traffic from the platform’s most popular category, “Food & Drink.”


In essence, Ahalogy selects bloggers or content creators to be a part of their content network. Here, clients have access to relevant content to pin to their boards without fear of violating copyright regulations. These pins bring attention to the businesses Pinterest account and thus their products or services.


According to Blazak, the Ahalogy Content Network of publishers is what makes the business unique. “Iconic brands and blogs send their legions of Pinterest followers to our partners’ sites, using pins featuring partners’ creative work to connect with audiences in a way that only original content can,” says Blazak. “These pins then link through to the partner site and, thanks to a brand-sponsored engagement that greets them, bring the partner’s page views, Pinterest followers, and advertising revenue.”


Ahalogy utilizes a pay-per-performance pricing model, working with its clients to source and optimize their content. “We like to have skin in the game – retainers breed complacency,” says Blazak. “We’re the only Pinterest and content marketing service that works this way.”


According to Blazak, Ahalogy is essentially a software and a service. “We’re not a software provider collecting monthly retainers and handing off work to our clients. We know brands don’t need more tools – they need results. We provide the software, technology, know-how and service to drive real engagement and results, with as little effort from the brand as possible,” says Blazak.


Ahalogy offers clients Pinterest and content marketing optimization through proprietary technology, data science, an authentic publisher network, performance pricing and programmatic tie-ins. Their continually improving algorithms maximize the likelihood of consumers viewing content, following a brand, and converting to revenue. Additionally, Ahalogy builds tools and a community for the best bloggers, photographers, and designers to distribute their visual creations even more broadly.


In looking to the future, Ahalogy’s goal as a company is to continue helping more businesses discover the marketing power of Pinterest. “We’ll do this by deepening our impact through new Pinterest tools like Promoted Pins, and expanding the impact of our exclusive Content Network,” says Blazak.


To learn more about Ahalogy, visit www.ahalogy.com.