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Free up space in your daily routine and your mind with this mindset and productivity coach.

Laura Albers knows all about the struggles that a busy lifestyle, medical issues, and wellness difficulties can cause. As a woman, she wanted to find a way to help support and empower female entrepreneurs, so she launched Albers Mind & Body Wellness.

Albers focuses mainly on health and wellness coaches and mental health therapists, to help take away their fears and eliminate limiting beliefs while also helping them to feel more confident while creating a soul-centered business that not only helps them find success but also maintains their sanity. 

Albers Mind & Body Wellness started in January 2017 as a coaching and counseling practice.

“My passion was to help women focus on self-care without all the guilt, free up more of their time and energy, and overcome health challenges like emotional eating, insomnia, autoimmune disorders, and anxiety and depression,” she says. 

However, in the 4 years since she first launched her business, Albers has taken on another approach to helping clients.

“While I still often help clients with many of those challenges, over the years, I’ve transitioned into focusing primarily on mindset, productivity, and business coaching for female health and wellness coaches and entrepreneurs,” she says. 

Albers is passionate about helping women take care of themselves, and she wants to help change how the world views self-care as being something that frees up your time and energy while also eliminating the clutter that can bog you down.

Albers has worked as a mental health therapist with a specialty in trauma for nearly 20 years. She also holds a master certification in wellness coaching and is a consultant for The International Association of Wellness Professionals. “I now specialize as a mindset, productivity, and business coach for female health and wellness coaches and entrepreneurs,” she says. 

Following some scary medical diagnoses, Albers found that the changes she was forced to make in her life helped to propel her toward a new career in wellness coaching, holistic health, and functional medicine.

“After adopting many new healthy habits, self-care, and stress management practice, I became obsesses with the amazing results I was experiencing,” she says. 

Albers offers three main coaching programs through her business: 

  1. Quick Wins VIP Strategy Session: for female health and wellness coaches, entrepreneurs, and busy female professionals who are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, exhausted, and a lack of time and energy. Your 90-minute VIP strategy session is completely customized to your unique needs, challenges, and top 1-2 results you most desire. Three of my more common Quick Wins sessions include: Set Yourself Up Like a B.O.S.S., Reclaim Your Calendar, and Successful Certification. Click here to learn more.
  2. Emotional Clutter Cleanse (ECC): a 12-week program designed to help female health and wellness coaches and entrepreneurs clear their emotional clutter and unproductive habits. We work through the fears and limiting beliefs keeping you stuck and from creating your successful coaching practice. Building confidence, creating more productive habits, and freeing up your precious time and energy to re-invest into your business, family, and life are the primary goals of ECC.
  3. Business Building Breakthrough (BBB): a 16-week program for female health and wellness coaches and entrepreneurs to not only create a success mindset, but primarily to build your successful coaching business. No more feeling stuck, overwhelmed, scattered, and disappointed with lackluster business results. This program is designed to take you through all vital aspects of creating your dream coaching business, including nailing your niche, creating an enticing and irresistible signature system and various levels of support to meet your clients’ needs, creating content and nurturing your audience, confidently conducting discovery calls without feeling sleezy or salesy, and promoting your business even if you’re an introvert or have no marketing skills.

Services can also be customized to address the needs of clients, including their unique challenges, to get them the results they’re searching for. 

While it may feel like there are wellness coaches popping up everywhere, Albers likes to point to the two thing she believes makes Albers Mind & Body Wellness unique. 

“I teach self-care in a way that starts with clearing instead of adding more to your never-ending to-do list,” she says. “I help my clients free up their emotional clutter, limited beliefs, negative self talk, fears, and unproductive habits so they can be more present in their relationships and in their business.” 

Additionally, she says that her training as a mental health therapist, a wellness coach, and a business coach helps her to understand all the pieces that come together in helping clients find success in all aspects of their lives.

“If one area is out of balance or isn’t working for you, like your health, stress, or relationships, it will dramatically impact the focus, happiness, and success you’ll have in your business,” says Albers. “I help my clients address any and all areas where they’re feeling stuck. It’s like having a business coach, health coach, and therapist all rolled into one!”

Albers is exited about the direction her business is heading. She is co-hosting a new group coaching program with Suzanne Monroe, founder of The International Association of Wellness Professionals that offers a dual certification in advanced coaching skills and virtual business mastery. 

She also recently launched a new Masterclass, called “Clearing the Emotional Clutter: 3 Steps to Reclaim 5+ Hours This Week.”

“The class is a 2 hour self-paced virtual class that gives you specific strategies and action steps to free up your precious time and energy,” says Albers.

Later in 2021, Albers will launch a new free training called “5 Failproof Steps to Create Your Dream Coaching Biz.” 

“It’s a free 5-part video training series for health and wellness coaches to help them jumpstart their business building,” explains Albers. “I’ll also be creating some online courses for entrepreneurs on productivity, creating confidence, and business building strategies.”

You can keep up with the news on this launch, as well as learn more about the coaching services Albers offers, on the Albers Mind & Body Wellness website.

When you visit the website, you’ll find a free 7-day self-care challenges that you can download while also receiving a weekly email newsletter. “I like to share simple, actionable tips around mindset, productivity, marketing, business, and self-care,” she says. 

Albers Mind & Body Wellness is also on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.