Amy B: Experience Success

Amy B: Experience Success

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See how this local business consultant is helping others get through times of trouble with her coaching and playbook for success.

Amy Broghamer is a wife, mother of two boys, and, for the last 15 years, has worked as a Realtor. She found 10 years of great success in the Cincinnati real estate market and is a published, best-selling author of “The Playbook for Success.” She’s also a national speaker and an online course creator. 

As a self-proclaimed entrepreneur at heart, she’s started several other side businesses that naturally flow from running a small business locally to being an online influence. “In this world of unlimited opportunity, it makes sense to experiment with and sometimes get swept away by the unique world we are a part of,” she says. 

Today, she is the founder of Amy B. Experience Success, a business that offers courses for real estate agents and professionals. 

“After surviving the last economic recession while selling real estate, I had a set of skills, tools, and systems that nearly guaranteed that if I listed your home for sale, we would sell it,” she explains. “I started speaking on the topic locally, then nationally. After a time, I couldn’t’ keep up with the requests to ‘pick my brain’ from local agents or brokers on how I was selling all of my listings with great results in such a challenging market.”

It was then that she realized she had something other agents needed and wanted. So in the summer of 2016 she created her first online course and presented it to 21 real estate agents across the country. “From there, I kept an ear on the ground and listened to the needs of the agents that took the course, and continued to bring them training they needed, whether online or in-person at workshops and events.”

Since the launch of Amy B. Experience Success, Broghamer has helped 23 small business owners in the Queen City create a business plan for 2020 at what she called her Net Life Business Planning workshop. “This combined the priorities of your life with those of your business to make sure that they had a realistic and effective plan that gives them the kind of life after work that they enjoy and are proud of,” she says.

Those who work with Broghamer and her business can find several online master courses for real estate agents as well as several other courses that are being adapted to small businesses and entrepreneurial endavors. 

“After publishing the book, I started getting feedback from readers taht the ideas and mindset of the book apply to so many different industries and positions,” she explains. “A medical device sales rep said she wished she would have read the book before thinking she needed to quit her job after her second child was born. Even the producer of my Audible book found so many applications in his production business, he asked for a signed copy, and we had great discussions while I was in the recording booth.”

Because of the other industries Broghamer has been able to reach, she says that her Net Life Workshop welcomes all different independent contractors and small business/sales people, including real estate agents. 

Broghamer says that although the COVID-19 outbreak has affected her, she knows she can get through it. “Since I was a survivor from the last economic depression, I see many similarities to how we adapted then and feel confident in my ability to apply those as well as continue to problem solve with the new challenges,” she says. “As I train my clients in this new world, I’m comforted by the fact that they are very familiar with a virtual environment, where they hope on a Zoom call with me weekly for their course training, they know how to use technology for learning, and can apply it to their own sales business.”

Broghamer adds that she knows how to figure out how to navigate buying and selling homes in the middle of a crisis and help guide other business owners through their own unique business needs. 

Since the governor’s stay-at-home order was announced, Broghamer says she’s had three live speaking events and conferences for March and April cancelled. “I simply took that content online and now use it to train those same people, just not in person right now,” she says. “The shift to online learning, and having no boundaries from who can learn from is very satisfying to me, and I’m thrilled that this situation has forced more people to try new things like online meetings and using video. I’ve been here for a while and I’m excited for the new learners and eager to connect and grow in new ways.”

Broghamer says that those who are interested in buying or selling a home in Cincinnati and visit her website or her Facebook page

Those who are looking for business consulting, her book, or training and speaking events, visit or check out her Facebook page.