Ap Loves Design: Classic Cards in a Digital Age

Ap Loves Design: Classic Cards in a Digital Age

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Andi Ploehs created her own greeting card empire, Ap Loves Design.

There’s just something special about getting a note in the mail.


Andi Ploehs remembers that feeling from a young age, and enjoyed keeping that excitement alive as an adult. But, while working full time in education, Ploehs noticed that it was becoming challenging to find greeting cards that kept their message simple, so she decided to do something about it.


“My husband has always encouraged me to do what made me happy,” Ploehs explains. “And being creative makes me happy.” Thus, the beginnings of Ap Loves Design was born, fueled by Ploehs’ creative passion and desire to create fun cards with a simple word or message and a modern graphic on the front. The inside of her cards are often left blank so the users can express their own feelings, and share their thoughts about the front cover of the card.


Ploehs officially launched Ap Loves Design in the winter of 2012. Today, the online shop features her own hand-drawn greeting cards, invitations and notecards.


Each card design is made in two steps. First, Ploehs draws out her ideas with the traditional pen and paper before she takes her creations to the computer. Then, she leverages her graphic design skills to digitize her creations. After they’re designed and printed, they’re posted to Etsy and her blog for promotion and purchase. Ploehs takes individual requests from clients, and is looking forward to expanding her business by partnering with other small businesses and companies.



With the holidays just around the corner, Ploehs has several ways she likes to keep her cards cheery and bright. Color, she says, is the most important tool. “This a time to be happy and thankful,” Ploehs adds. “And I believe the brighter [the color] the better!”


In addition, Ploehs says, personalization with photos is another trend she loves. “My main goal is essentially to create customized cards that allow people to feel as if the card directly captures their feelings that they wish to send,” she explains.


To learn more and view her designs, visit the Ap Loves Design website. Want to find out more about Ploehs? Check out her blog, which includes a lifestyle section, a link to her Etsy page and ways she can be contacted for questions or orders.