Argos All-Natural Pet Food & Supply

Argos All-Natural Pet Food & Supply

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Elisabeth Mayer, owner of Argos All-Natural Pet Food &
Supply, with her pooch

If you find Fido scratching, licking paws, or suffering from hot spots, he might have an allergy.


With the mantra that “food is medicine,” Elisabeth Mayer launched Argos All-Natural Pet Food & Supply to help pets in need of nutritious, carefully crafted food. The shop is a small, independently owned and operated business located in the heart of Madeira’s historic business district.


“We pride ourselves on being much more than ‘just a pet store,'” Mayer says, “but rather a place where customers can learn about the benefits of proper nutrition for their pets.”


After devoting much of her personal life to rescuing, fostering and caring for dogs and cats, Mayer decided to leave her career in the corporate world and pursue a line of work dedicated to serving her lifelong passion for animals.



“Around four years ago, my then-boyfriend — now husband — and I started talking about ways in which we could make my passion for animals into a career. So, he put me in contact with the folks who own Pet Wants, a wonderful pet store based in Findlay market,” says Mayer. “We formed a collaboration, and I started selling their food at suburban farmer markets.”


After a few months of building up a customer base, she left her job and opened her own store in Maderia in October 2011. In their second year of business, they introduced their own line of grain-free dog foods and re-named the store and food line “Argos” after Odysseus’ faithful dog in Homer’s Odyssey.


“I had a passion for animal health and welfare, and wanted to sell high quality products — not just food — at affordable prices while doing all I could to support animal rescue causes,” explains Mayer. “I was also alarmed by all of the recalls of name brand foods. This is why I focus on grain-free foods, which contain higher levels of protein, lower levels of carbohydrates, and are designed to mimic how a dog would feed in the wild.”


Mayer’s inspiration stemmed from independent neighborhood pet stores in major cities that really know their products. “I love educating my customers (and being educated by them),” says Mayer. “I make conscious choices to only stock products that I feel good about.”



Since launching, Argos has grown rapidly with an overwhelmingly positive response. “We have animal shelters that buy our food at discounted rates and have passionate repeat customers as well as a great response at farmer markets,” says Mayer. “Our store is really crowded, but we have resisted expansion so far.”


Argos pet food sets itself apart from competitors as being a premium pet food that is produced in small batches made to order each month. Unlike most pet food that is made in large quantities then stored in warehouses or distribution channels for months before reaching retailer’s shelves, Argos’ pet food is always fresh.


“I always wanted to be the quintessential neighborhood pet store that knows all of its customers, knows their pets, and takes a personalized approach to helping them with their needs – and Argos has accomplished that goal,” says Mayer. “I have hundreds of customers and their happiness and loyalty is paramount to me.”


According to Mayer, she will never stop hungering for new knowledge, researching new products and doing what she can to be a store that offers healthy, all-natural products at an affordable price. “I want my store to work for everybody who loves their pets, regardless of income,” says Mayer.


To learn more, or to set up free delivery service of Argos products to your work or home, visit Argos online at, or call them at (513) 561-7966.