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In search of new talent for your business in this flooded job market? See how one local lady launched a service to leverage her decades of experience to bring you the best candidates.

Anne Voller, founder of AV Hire Power

Anne Voller’s friends often asked her about her talent acquisition network and her own guidance on hiring strategies. Along with this help came a fascination for diving into the challenges companies were facing and helping them find talent solutions to their problems. 

That’s when she established AV Hire Power, a talent acquisition consulting practice that specializes in helping small- to mid-sized companies hire their incoming talent. 

“Talent acquisition, while in partnership with Human Resources, is different from human resources and focuses at the beginning of the recruitment funnel,” explains Voller. “This includes employment brand marketing,outsourcing and finding applicants, creating job descriptions, fine-tuning the interview process, and overseeing the actual hiring of candidates. The true area of focus for my business takes place well before candidates become employees.”

The main goal at AV Hire Power is to help businesses work on designing the strategy for a company to appeal to the “best fit” applicants, while also treating them with dignity and respect. 

Voller found that in her mission of helping companies find the best fit for them, she enjoyed listening to their stories, helping them to dig deep and weed out their exact trouble spots. 

“I found that creating a unique strategy customized to their specific recruiting operation was exciting and rewarding,” she says. 

Voller has more than 20 years of experience in Talent Acquisition and her prior career was in retail as the Vice President of recruiting at Macy’s.

“One of the great things about that experience is that retail hires all types of jobs from sales to warehouses, call centers to college recruits,” she says. “No two days were ever the same.”

The main focuses at AV Hire Power are entry level, hourly hiring and college recruiting. 

In terms of hourly recruiting, Voller says that it doesn’t matter what type of industry because the processes are similar, whether working with retail or restaurants, property management and warehouses. “The job descriptions and interview questions are different, but the sourcing and hiring processes are very similar across industries,” she adds.

The other area of Voller’s expertise comes in recruiting college students. “The vast majority of collect recruiting today is being done virtually and that can be a disadvantage to a company with a lesser known brand,” says Voller. “However, if you learn how to truly customize your messaging to cater to these unique times, you will find outstanding candidates.”

When it comes to recruiting at AV Hire Power, Voller says that one of the most unique things about her business is that she is able to understand the recruitment needs of every business she works with simply by listening to their story.

“Let’s face it, we all benefit from an approachable, unbiased third party opinion,” she says. “This initial analysis helps reveal the gaps while paving the path to a winning strategy.”

As for the future of AV Hire Power, Voller says that she hopes to build an aspect of team coaching into her business to help everyone she works with leverage their strengths so they can work together more collaboratively. 

“For instance, if someone on the team is naturally organized, that person can help others understand those best practices,” she says. “The process I’m launching will helps teams better understand their inherent strengths as a team and where they might need additional resources.” 

AV Hire Power will be launching its website at the end of the month. For now, however, you can keep in touch on LinkedIn and by emailing annevoller@avhirepower.com