Best Upon Request’s Maternity Concierge Program

Best Upon Request’s Maternity Concierge Program

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A local organization is helping pregnant women and working moms with concierge services aimed to improve their lives. Read on for all the details.


Charnella Grossman of Fifth Third Bank uses Best Upon Request’s Maternity Concierge program, funded by her company, to decorate her nursery.

Best Upon Request (BEST) is a Cincinnati-based organization with offices in 11 US states. BEST, as it’s referred to, partners with organizations around the country to provide concierge services to its employees as an employer-paid benefit. It also offers these benefits by way of health care, to improve the patient experiences for families.

According to Best Upon Request Vice President of Marketing and Communications Jessi Lima Bollin, the inspiration behind Best Upon Request is to create life-enriching experiences.

BEST also has a new innovation, called the Maternity Concierge program at Fifth Third Bank, which is an employee benefit that supports pregnant women and working mothers of infants to help them succeed.

According to Lima Bollin, BEST works with clients as strategic partners. The way the organization works with clients is why Teresa Tanner, executive vice president and chief administrative officer at Fifth Third, approached BEST with the opportunity to assist the bank in helping improve the lives of their female employees, and, more specifically, when women started having children.

“The Maternity Concierge program was born to offer an extra level of support and advocacy for those women,” says Lima Bollin.

“Teresa said it best: ‘It’s important for us at Fifth Third Bank to create an environment where women can succeed at every level and every phase of their life,’” adds Lima Bollin.

“The Maternity Concierge program provides women with support through pregnancy, maternity leave, and up until their child turns one-year-old,” says Lima Bollin. “Examples include scheduling appointments, organizing and shopping for showers and birthday parties, as well as information research concerning anything child- or pregnancy-related and in this way, our maternity concierges become consultants.”

BEST doesn’t just focus on its Maternity Concierge services; however, they also offer employee and patient concierge programs. Employee services include errand running and personal assistance as part of a packaged employee benefit that is offered by organizations to attract and retain its workforce. “By taking care of these to-do lists and alleviate distractions, BEST improves recruitment and retention, employee engagement, and work-life integration for our clients,” says Lima Bollin.

BEST’s tailored patient concierge program in hospitals is called “Serving the SOUL” and addresses the non-medical needs of patients and their families so they can focus on healing.  Once the non-medical stressors of a hospitalization are managed by our concierge team the patient experience improves and so does the healing process.

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