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Blink Art Resource

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Litsa Spanos, President and Owner of Art Design Consultants, and founder of Blink Art Resource

You could spend days, weeks and months endlessly searching for the right art, but now, the locally-launched Blink Art Resource makes it easy.

Blink is an annual fine art resource catalog connecting artists, galleries, and design professionals. The concept was created as a way to give artists an opportunity to reach beyond trade buyers on a national level. “There is a real need for people, like myself, to find art quickly and easily – and that’s how Blink was born,” says Litsa Spanos, President and Owner of Art Design Consultants (ADC).


Launched this year, Blink is now a luxurious and high-end annual catalog that connects artists directly with designers, architects, art consultants and art galleries. Design professionals from all around the nation use this guide to inspire their clients and commission artists for their project, large and small. Each Blink artist’s direct contact information is listed alongside their work, which means Blink does not take a commission from its sales.


“We are currently filling the book with beautiful art,” says Spanos. Blink is looking for talented and professional artists from all over the nation working in a broad variety of mediums and subjects including paintings, sculpture, mixed media, glass and much more.


“By signing up for our inaugural edition, you are guaranteed to never pay a higher price as demand to be in the catalog increases,” says Spanos. “But that’s not all – you will also receive 500 tear sheets for your own personal marketing use as well as your own copy of the Blink catalog.”


In addition, the interactive website, online catalog, and index links directly to your e-mail address and website. Blink catalogs have a never-ending shelf life and are used year after year as a part of a collection for the designer’s resource library.


Spanos describes the book as nothing less than spectacular. “The cover will be a combination of gloss and soft touch, with 100 lb. bright white, quality paper making it not only eye catching, but beautiful. So not only will you want to use it, but you will want to show it off, too!” she says.


So far, they are already having success involving new Blink artists in current and upcoming projects – and the book hasn’t even been published. “We can only anticipate that Blink will be just as successful based on what we have already seen because of the incredible talent that every artist is bringing to the publication,” says Spanos.


The deadline to sign up and submit your work is Tuesday, Sept. 30 and the book is expected to arrive in the hands of art and design professionals early January 2015. “We are sending it out to 10,000 interior designers, gallery owners and art consultants all over the country – then buyers contact the artists directly,” says Spanos.


Blink is not just for individual artists, but also for galleries and consulting firms looking to showcase the artists they represent. Spanos hopes to connect artists to buyers who purchase art for corporations, hospitals, commercial spaces and high-end homes.


“It’s really exciting to see it come together – my team and I have been working on this for over a year and we hope to grow exponentially year after year,” says Spanos. “We want people to be inspired and select art for hotels in Las Vegas, corporate spaces in Miami, and other locations throughout the country.”


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