Blogging from the Boardroom

Blogging from the Boardroom

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For the past 20 years, Mike Monahan has dedicated his life to helping others find their purpose and reach their goals.


As CEO and executive director of Life Success Seminars and author of a best-selling book, he also writes two blogs to share thoughts, insights and his experiences with these endeavors. Through these blogs, he uses his personal stories to help individuals simplify connecting the necessary dots to reach success.


In Monahan’s best-selling book, "From the Jungle to the Boardroom," he shares how being a Vietnam veteran helps him relate to everyday problems people might be having in their work or family relationships. In "From the Jungle to the Boardroom," he poses three questions to the reader that he asked himself in Vietnam and continues to ask himself even to this day: "Am I prepared?" "Am I safe?" and "Am I alone?" It is his hope that these questions will help people understand their leadership potential.


After the release of his book, Monahan continued to market "From the Jungle to the Boardroom" through his blog, Think Monahan: Connecting The Dots. Through this blog, he takes an excerpt from his book and expands on it. Monahan says, "It is a way for people to get a snapshot of the style I use in the book."


Monahan says he uses examples from his own life to make complex issues simple and relatable to help readers reach the ultimate goal of changing their life. He says, "It’s about change, sometimes it’s easier to read about it rather than talk about it," he says. "Because, by talking about it, you might actually have to change."


In addition to being CEO and executive director of Life Success Seminars, Monahan leads monthly seminars to help people remove roadblocks and become leaders at work, home and in our community. He writes a blog about these seminars called Great Inspiration. In this blog, he writes monthly about a topic or a principle he wants to teach. And, again for this blog, he says he likes to use personal examples.


Monahan continues to work toward his own idea of success by pursuing his personal goal of writing 25 books. As of now, he has written one best-selling book, "From the Jungle to the Boardroom," and two unpublished works. His next book, about people taking personal responsibility if they want something to change, will soon be available in the form of an e-book. To learn more about Monahan, his books, or his blog, visit