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See how this new co-working and event space in Newport is giving local creatives and freelancers a communal space to work and be inspired.

Borderlands is the Tri-State's newest coworking space that's aiming to inspire creatives.
Borderlands is the Tri-State’s newest coworking space that’s aiming to inspire creatives.

Newport is now home to Borderlands, the newest co-working studio and event space for local creatives and freelancers.

“The name Borderlands hints at our desire to always be challenging new limits and taking new territory in our lives and in our businesses,” explains Borderlands Co-Founder Darrin Murriner. “It also pays tribute to our proximity at the Kentucky and Ohio borders, and being just a few blocks from the Ohio River.”

Murriner founded Borderlands with Jon Willis, a world renowned photographer who has filmed around the world for companies including Google, Wal-Mart and P&G and has had some of his photography featured in magazines such as Inc., Fortune and Bicycling Magazine.

Murriner has his own background in studio work as the co-founder of Stockpilz, an UpTech class 4 company. He’s also the author of the book Corporate Bravery.

Borderlands is located on Monmouth Street in Newport.

While Murriner and Willis hosted a soft opened for Borderlands in October, they’re planning for a grand opened on Dec. 16. This grand opening, according to Murriner, will include an open house for anyone in the community who’s interested in a workspace, meeting locations or a studio space to complete a creative project.

When it comes to opening Borderlands, there’s a lot Murriner and his business partner are looking forward to including creating a community of freelancers, business owners, entrepreneurs and creatives that want to help inspire each other. “We have always found the best things in life are accomplished in teams of people working toward a common goal,” explains Murriner. “This is often difficult when you are a founder, freelancer or designer, and we want to bring that community to bear on others art or business.”

The open house on Dec. 16 will be from 4-6 p.m. There will be free drinks as well as appetizers. Murriner says the team at Borderlands also plans to host lunch-and-learns around topics of interest for creatives and entrepreneurs. “You can favorite our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter to hear about the most current events,” he adds.

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