Brandcierge: Simple and Affordable Branding

Brandcierge: Simple and Affordable Branding

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Brancierge helps small businesses find success through strategic branding tactics

While most start-ups focus their budgets on product or service development, rent and administrative costs, what they don’t know is that a successful branding and marketing platform lets the brand sell itself. From designing clever logos to developing a results-driven marketing campaign, Jenny Oh, founder of Brandcierge, knows that it’s all in the branding when it comes to making your business more successful.


After successfully working with Fortune 500 clients on their large-scale branding and marketing initiatives for ten years, Oh founded Brandcierge in 2010. During that time, she noticed a lack of affordable marketing and branding services available to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).


Following her launch of Brandcierge, all while living in Cincinnati, she gained her first customer, Wow Windowboxes LLC. “This was where I first discovered the intense need for SMB Branding services,” says Oh. “The small business had an amazing product, which sold itself without hardly any branding or marketing – but, after establishing a clear brand vision, strategic marketing plan, social media strategy and sales collateral identity, their sales nearly doubled! Which was proof enough that a little branding and marketing goes a long way!”


In 2012, Oh relocated to San Francisco and continued to provide her services to SMBs in the Bay Area. “My San Francisco clients appreciate that I come from a small, thriving city like Cincinnati,” says Oh. “My Midwest, personable approach and ability to identify creative solutions is what really sets me apart from other consultants.”


After developing a roster of talent, portfolio of services, and affordable price structure, Brandcierge was established with one goal in mind – to help businesses become more successful. With social media, web builders and online designers at our fingertips, it’s now easier than ever to start your own business.


Jenny Oh, Founder of Brandcierge

“With this SMB burst, entrepreneurs face stiff competition while trying to attack fickle customers to gain market share,” says Oh. “Consumers and customers have more choices than ever in choosing what companies to support. They continually look for the company and brand that not only provides an excellent product or service, but also has personality and innovative thinking; which can be portrayed through clever branding and marketing.”


Brancierge offers an experienced roster of brand, design and marketing talent to its clients and serves conveniently as a one contact for all their client’s needs. The simplified portfolio of services that Brandcierge provides is not only developed for SMBs, but their price structure is also focused around SMB budgets so that they are capable of affording these branding and marketing tools.


Since its’ launch, Brandcierge has grown from three to 20 active SMB clients. “We maintain a strategically selected client list in order to focus on its most important assets – client service, quality of work and personal attention,” says Oh. “Our clients range from yoga studios to general contractors – and we provide SMB branding that just works!”

Put simply – Oh loves using her knowledge and experience to help others. “The best part of my job is working with small business owners to improve and grow their businesses,” says Oh. “They normally come to me frustrated and not knowing where to start, so I listen to their needs, research their business and provide recommendations that fit their budget. I find great joy in solving their brand problems in order to make them feel more confident and above all, more proud of their business!”


In building her business, Oh plans on hiring two additional “Marketing and Branding Concierges” in 2015. “My propriety process and tools are almost ready to be passed on to a team that will continue to help SMBs with their branding needs,” says Oh. “I’ve also been approached by two local design studios offering to acquire my outsourced talent, clients and proprietary SMB branding tools – although tempting, I’m having too much fun growing Brandcierge on its own!”


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