Buddy Boarding: Alternative Fitness for Dogs

Buddy Boarding: Alternative Fitness for Dogs

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Nick Crotinger and Carly Jo Mellencamp founded My Buddy’s Box in November 2012 and Buddy Boarding
in April 2013 to keep pets happy and healthy 

They say a tired dog is a happy dog. That’s why Nick Crotinger and girlfriend Carly Jo Mellencamp – who met in junior high and now are both college students working full time – began longboarding with their own dogs regularly several years ago.


According to Crotinger, their dogs love longboarding and running because it allows for them to release a lot of energy. Eventually, Crotinger and Mellencamp realized their services could be of use for other owners of high-energy pets, and they began researching ideas.


The concept later broadened into a comprehensive way to get dogs out and active, and keep them healthy and happy. In November 2012 Crotinger and Mellencamp started My Buddy’s Box, an online subscription for quality pet supplies at discounted prices in a customized Buddy Box that the client receives each month.


Then, in April of 2013, they launched Buddy Boarding, an at-home pet fitness alternative. After the initial consultation, each dog is assigned a designated handler to create a trusting and stable relationship between the dog and the handler. The handler will either rollerblade, longboard, run, walk, jog, and/or play with the dog. “We cater to our pet owner’s needs “Our goal is to go above and beyond and service whatever they need.”


A Buddy Boarding handler will come to the client’s home as frequently as needed to exercise the pets. The handler will create a fitness log for the dogs which includes weekly weigh ins, vitals, training and obedience goals and will also provide the documents for the client after each session. Services are conducted from client’s homes providing that it’s within a 25 mile radius from Blue Ash.


With both Crotinger and Mellencamp pursuing a degree in Dog Obedience and Training, Buddy Boarding continues to grow. They are both building the knowledge base necessary to help animals become stable, healthy, and balanced through teachings such as training seminars that focus on a dog’s heritage and how they’ve evolved while being domesticated by humans. This knowledge helps the handlers build the connection to the pets while working with the different breeds.



The services provided by Buddy Boarding are like no other, says Crotinger. They start from the basics and offer something no one else does. “I’ve done the research and as of now we are the only company that offers services as unique as this,” says Crotinger. “Handlers have fun going out and extending the pet’s energy satisfying the client with the outcome of the dog’s behavior after a session. When finished, they are ready to relax.”


While the business is still young, it’s already giving back to the comity. In fact, earlier this month, Buddy Boarding participated in its first Run Fur Rescues a timed 5k walk/run and will also be at Buddy’s Fall Bash, a dog adoption and craft expo held at the Cincinnati Northeast Marriott Sunday, September 29, 2013. The event is outdoors from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. with prizes, more than 50 vendors, and dog adoptions.


Learn more about Buddy Boarding on Facebook at Buddy Boarding Fitness.