C-Change: Gina Truong

C-Change: Gina Truong

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The Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber’s C-Change program brings together professionals from a variety of industries. Learn more about a banking pro’s experience.


Gina Truong has been in the banking industry since she was in her final semester at Northern Kentucky University. Today, she works at the Project & Marketing Officer for North Side Bank & Trust Company. 

“I started as a part-time teller and managed a couple of our branches,” she explains. “I always liked being involved so I would try to take on different projects and help out where I could, which eventually led me to my current role.”

Today, Truong handles marketing but also supports with the Human Resources Director with cultural, wellness, and employee engagement initiatives. “I’ve always enjoy connecting with people, learning and development, and being a Jill-of-all-trades,” she says. 

Truong says she finds a lot of inspiration in many different ways, including meaningful work, the development of her colleagues, and in the challenges she faces. 

Gina Truong, Project & Marketing Officer for North Side Bank & Trust Company

“I’m inspired by my values and convictions to do what’s best for my company, my team, and our clients,” she says. “I’m inspired by traveling and coming home refreshed with gratitude and appreciation. Most importantly, I’m inspired by the two strongest women in my life, my mom and my sister. They are two of the toughest women I know.”

The career field that Truong is in provided her the opportunity to participate in the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber’s C-Change program. 

“I was craving a strong network in Cincinnati and I knew there was no better way to find one than with the Cincinnati Chamber,” she says. “I have a network within the Ohio banking industry, but my peers are spread across the state and I wanted to find a network closer to home.”

Truong says that she learned a lot from every session with the Chamber and made friendships with the other members of her class. She also enjoyed the curriculum, the ability to visit different companies and sites that she otherwise wouldn’t have been able to visit, as well as Camp Joy.

And because networks are so important to Truong, she says that she would recommend others to participate in the program as well. “I have found an incredible group of women who empower other women,” she says. “They don’t judge, they ask the right questions, and they are amazingly supportive. I am so thankful North Side Bank & Trust Co. sponsored me for this program. There is so much content packed into such a short amount of time, and we all wanted each session to be longer every time. The Chamber shed a lot of light on what goes on behind the scenes and how to engage and connect in your city.”

C-Change is the premier leadership development program for advancing mid-career leaders in the Cincinnati Region. The curriculum combines leadership development with community engagement which enhances current leadership roles and prepares participants for future one. C-Change is a program of the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber’s HYPE (Harnessing Young Professional Energy) platform. Applications for both C-Change and Cincy Next leadership development 2020 programs are currently being accepting. Deadline to apply is November 22, 2019. More at hypecincinnati.com.