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Career Expedition Coaching

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Learn about the local job coach who helps you find the job of your dreams through resume writing, interview prep, and even a little soul-searching.

Career Expedition Coaching aims to help you find the job you’ve always wanted.

Barbara Burke spent her entire career as a corporate recruiter, a career that spanned 20 years in both Cincinnati and Los Angeles. Over the course of that time, she conducted an immeasurable amount of interviews and read thousands of resumes.

As a corporate recruiter, aside from doing interviews and reading resumes, she was able to help others secure jobs while also giving them advice on how to better articulate and market their background, how to effectively approach networking and interviewing, and how to stand out in a very crowded candidate marketplace.

“I stopped and realized, ‘Hey, there might be something to this,’” she explains. “People seek me out for this kind of help and I decided to take all of my years of experience in recruiting and use it for the benefit of the job seeker.”

And that’s when she launched Career Expedition Coaching, a place where job seekers get clarity and, with expert guidance, devise an effective strategy to carry out a successful job search.

“The mission of Career Expedition Coaching is to arm job seekers with the tools, tactics, clarity, and confidence to embark on a job search with the goal of landing the right position for them – one that aligns with their interests and expertise and one that clearly demonstrates to employers what value they will bring,” says Burke.

When you think of job searching, you often think that in order for your search to be successful, you have to do more than just find a posting online and submit a resume – and that’s where Burke comes in and helps job seekers take the smartest steps in order to snag their next job.

She writes resumes, LinkedIn profiles, helps to prepare candidates for interviews, helps design a networking strategy, and anything else that is part of a job search and career mobility. Most of the coaching that she does is job search strategy coaching, which means that a candidate knows what type of job or company they’re looking for and all they need is a little guidance on the best way to approach their job search. Whether it’s needing compelling and well-written materials or putting into motion all the other elements that are part of job searching, Burke helps.

She says that the other type of career coaching she offers is career clarity coaching. “This tends to be a more soul-searching type of engagement with a client who is not sure what they want to do next,” she explains. “They have professional experience, typically focused in one field, but are interested in exploring how their experience could apply to a new role or industry. Through a really fun process, we work together to uncover themes stemming from their values, interests, and strengths that provide a map or a compass to guide them to their next career destination.”

While she continues to help job seekers find jobs that are great for them, Burke is also working toward offering workshops for relevant Employee Resource Groups at different companies. “Employee Resource Groups are voluntary, employee-led groups made up of individuals who join together based on common interests, backgrounds, or demographic factors such as gender, race, or ethnicity,” says Burke.

She says the best Employee Resource Groups that would benefit from her knowledge are groups like Professional Women’s Groups (or men’s groups) and Emerging Young Professionals.

“My content for these groups is more geared toward how to have a career strategy always evolving through the course of their professional life even if they’re not looking for a new job outside the company that currently employs them,” says Burke. “I teach them how to manage their career and how to always be building upon their experience and refining their personal value proposition. It’s such fun stuff to talk about and so very important at the same time.”

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