Carnegie CSA

Carnegie CSA

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Katie Brass, Executive Director of The Carnegie (Photo: Mikki Schaffner Photography)

There’s a reason why they call them starving artists. It’s not easy to create your craft, while also promoting and selling it to the public. That’s why The Carnegie launched its annual “Community Supported Art” (CSA) initiative.


The idea is modeled after the Community Supported Art program in Minnesota created by and Springboard for the Arts. Not only does the Carnegie CSA support artists in the Tri-State but it will also hopefully launch a whole new group of art collectors, says Katie Brass, executive director of The Carnegie.


The Carnegie CSA was started with a buy-local spirit in mind borrowed from the popular Community Supported Agriculture-idea of buying food directly from local farms. Brass says the initiative will help local artists by encouraging others to support local art, artists and collectors of all levels.


“Individuals interested in supporting the Carnegie CSA will purchase a ‘share’ for $350 and in return will receive a ‘farm box’ of locally produced artwork,” Brass explains. “Your share price pays the artist to produce the piece, packaging and the Harvest Party.”


The “share” includes nine works of art which comes out to $38 a piece. In the case of the Carnegie CSA, artists are not only getting paid to do the work but they’re reaching an entirely new audience and providing a chance for individuals in the community to start collecting.


“Often times, people are nervous to make their first purchase,” says Brass. “They don’t know how a piece will look in their home or are afraid to spend the money.”


According to Brass, the Carnegie CSA is an affordable way to take the first step toward buying original art and seeing how it can turn your home into a creative space.


Carnegie CSA shares go on sale May 1 and the Harvest Party to pick your “crop” will be held July 18.


The team in charge of curating the Carnegie CSA includes Exhibitions Director Matt Distel and will feature Antonio Adams, Keith Benjamin, Carmel Buckley, Barbara Houghton, Casey Riordan Millard, Marcia Shortt, Michael Stillion, Katie Labmeier, Chris Vorhees and Joe Winterhalter.


To learn more about the Carnegie CSA, visit or call 859-491-2030.