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In a school year that’s been unlike any other, a duo of Montessori teachers are changing the way kids learn at home. Read on for more.

The way we’re all doing things now are a little bit out of the ordinary. Schedules, workplaces, and social lives have been flipped upside down and it doesn’t look like we’ll be going back to normal any time soon. 

For parents, remote learning has been a massive adjustment. We’re not just working in home offices anymore, but our homes have also become schools. 

To help families get through this new way of learning, CASA Design Consulting is here. 

“We are child development experts with a passion for transforming the way children’s spaces look, feel, and function,” says CASA Design Consulting Co-Founder Aubrey Wallen. “We take a chaotic playroom, bedroom, or living room, and transform it into a developmentally appropriate, functional, and beautiful space through implementing a sustainable toy rotation system.”

CASA Design Consulting also specializes in creating virtual-learning spaces for families supporting children who are remote or schooling in the home. 

The inspiration for CASA Design Consulting came before COVID, although its benefits have helped families find the calm in the chaos of a global pandemic.

According to Wallen, the inspiration for CASA Design Consulting comes from her and her business partner Christine Trimmer’s experience as Montessori teachers. 

“After years of working in the classroom serving children and their parents, we know how critical a prepared environment is for the developing child, as well as the adult caring for the child,” says Wallen. “When the environment is prepared for the child at their developmental level they improve their independence, executive functioning skills like organization, concentration, and impulse control, as well as their fine and gross motor coordination.”

The duo took that inspiration and saw a need for bringing the principles of their Montessori classrooms into children’s homes to help support their academic and personal growth. Thus, CASA Design Consulting was born.

In the depth of the pandemic and with in-person learning thrown into limbo, CASA Design Consulting turned to home school renovations called “School by Casa.”

“We use our time in your home to organize and ensure that you and your child have the best set-up for virtual learning,” explains Trimmer. “As a full-time teacher in 2020, I know all of the tips to ensure that the home is set-up to promote concentration, motivation, and organization. With our perspectives, you can feel confident that School by Casa will help your child be prepared for whatever this crazy school year may bring.” 

Wallen says CASA Design Consulting took a big hit when COVID arrived, although their services through School by Casa were able to help them start booking clients again in late summer.

“Many families realized the necessity for sustainable ways to maintain order in their homes and reached out to us,” says Wallen. “Now we ensure clients that we take all precautions prior to working with them such as taking our temperature, wearing masks and gloves in the home, and switching to more virtual conversations in order to minimize in-person work.”

Wallen and Trimmer say they are looking forward to what’s to come in 2021. “We have lots of dreams and goals for the upcoming year,” they say. “It was amazing to hit all of our 2020 goals in the knick of time, so we can’t wait to see what 2021 brings. We enjoy being featured on podcasts, and it was such an honor to be named Best of the City 2020. We want our business to continue to thrive while we grow our community through connecting with more families and local businesses.”

To learn more about CASA Design Consulting, visit You can also follow along on Facebook and Instagram. For those interested in School by Casa, send an email to to schedule or ask questions.