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See how a local company can help you, your family, or your business facilitate growth and find success.


When Life Success Seminars (LSS) closed its doors earlier this year, Kim Myers, Seth Howard, and Michelle Vondrell knew its message was too important to stop all together. As past contractors to the LSS facilitation team, the trio started a new and improved version with its legacy company called Catapult. 

The purpose of the company is to help people learn how to develop better relationships, enjoy increased confidence, and lead happier and more successful lives. Catapult’s tagline says it all: Breaking through the boundaries of self.

“We all have things that hold us back from things like great communication and critical conversations, so the mission is allowing people to live the life they want to live,” says co-founder Vondrell. “Sometimes people just need a little launch to a new area in their life. You can’t be stuck long if you’re in a catapult.”

In order to help clients reach these goals, Catapult offers various seminars to teach these life skills. Currently, they are offering a seminar called Intentional Living for previous graduates of LSS. They are also offering Launch, a flagship workshop available to the public. Dates for this workshop are to be announced and will appear on the company’s Facebook page.

As an extension of LSS, Catapult took all of its basic principles and added its own enhancements. “We’ve stuck with the core principles of what was being taught at Life Success because it was so effective,” says Howard. “We’ve modernized and restructured to make it newer and fresh.”

Vondrell adds that Catapult takes all the components about trust, circle of influence, forgiveness, personal responsibility, etc. that LSS was teaching but now takes it a step further. “We took all of those things and added the influence of a client’s family dynamic and how that could affect his or her decision-making,” she explains.

The founders are actively addressing this idea of family dynamic, a concept called family-of-origin. “A big part of this is dealing with stuff that has held you back in the past. We all get stuck from time to time, we all have life experiences that can bring baggage into our relationships without realizing it,” Howard says. “A big part of what we’re working on is identifying those triggers and then figuring out how could we can react a different way.”

Catapult is now offering both off-site and on-site workshops. “We go into companies ourselves, or a lot of times people send employees to our seminars,” says Vondrell.

The company is located at Unlimited Training Center 7870 E. Kemper Rd. in suite 100. For more information, visit the company’s Facebook page.