Cincinnati Career Coach, Dana Glasgo

Cincinnati Career Coach, Dana Glasgo

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Learn about a local lady who makes it her job to find your best career path and opportunities. Read on for all the details.


Dana Glasgo, a local career coach

Dana Glasgo is a Cincinnati-based career consultant on a mission to assist individual clients who are seeking a career change or are out of work and guide them to their next career move.

With 20 years of consultant experience behind her, Glasgo decided to branch out and start her own business in 2006 based on the process she had developed as a Senior Career Consultant for Lee Hecht Harrison (a global career management services company).

Glasgo assists professionals at all levels, from doctors, lawyers, teachers, entrepreneurs, manual laborers, and everything in between, and also provides coaching services that are applicable to any career. Glasgo’s coaching service topics range from finding a marketing strategy to resume and cover letter preparation, as well as interviewing and negotiating skills.

Recently, Glasgo has begun offering career counseling and assessments to high school students who are looking for more direction on what to do after graduation and college graduates who are unable to find that first job.

The student career counseling process starts with two specialized assessments of personal interests and personality characteristics followed by a face-to-face meeting to explore different possibilities for future career paths.

Glasgo’s passion for making a difference in people’s lives is what she says is her strongest motivation.

“I enjoy equipping clients with skills on how to write strong marketing documents, interviewing (how to ask for the sale or job) and the importance of networking,” says Glasgo. “I get a thrill when a client finds what he/she wants to do.”

For those looking to start their own new business, Glasgo offers a “quick and dirty” assessment and valuable resources to help take charge of your career.

Glasgo tells those who want to make the jump to becoming an entrepreneur to not quit their day job (at first).

“Get the business started and then see if it is sustainable,” says Glasgo. “Have a business plan, know when to stray from it and hire smart people.”

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