Cincinnati Women in Digital

Cincinnati Women in Digital

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Want to stay on the cutting edge as a business woman in the ever-changing digital marketplace? An upcoming event will help you do just that. Read on for more.


Women in Digital is a rapidly growing organization committed to working with women to further their careers within the digital marketplace. The idea is to help women build powerful local networks that will encourage great power exchanges to happen between members and therefore build a strong future.  

“We strive to create powerful and local networks of women in digital.” That is the motto of Women in Digital. Through their event, the Cincinnati Women in Digital Conference, that motto is able to truly come to life.

The first Cincinnati-based Women in Digital Conference is an event that hopes to inspire and empower the women who attend. The conference is centered around keeping one another knowledgeable about respective digital areas of expertise, to embolden each other to stay strong in the fight towards gender equality, and to affect change in the community.

The Cincinnati Women in Digital Conference is not meant to be a typical networking event, but instead, it’s meant to create a network. Exclusive to women, this event calls on those in both the agent and client side, who have a focus in digital media and marketing and want to further their career. Through various talks and activities, this event brings local women together to find common ground in the digital world.

The day of the event will begin with a talk from Alaina Shearer, who is the mastermind behind Women in Digital. This talk is designed as a “tell-all” where Shearer will explain how she began the company and set the stage. This talk is followed by an empowering discussion on communicating confidence from Kelsey Pytlik, the CEO + Co-Founder of Gild Collective.

After the two main talks, all the attending women will go into one of two groups: the executive track or general track. These tracks will determine one’s schedule for the day. The ideas for both tracks can range anywhere from what’s next in the digital world to how to sway powerful influencers in Cincinnati.

Aside from the great influencing talks, women who attend can also expect lunch in the trendy Findley Market/Over The Rhine area and workshops throughout the day, including a hands-on project with the Gild Collective. These events really give the women a chance to build relationships with one another and have fun. The day will end with a happy hour full of engaging small talk and Rhinegeist’s best brews.

The Cincinnati Women in Digital Conference takes place Thursday, April 6 from 8am-6:30pm at the Rhinegeist Brewery in Cincinnati.

Although early bird tickets for this event aren’t available anymore, more tickets, including general admission, are currently on sale until April 6 and can be purchased here.