Combating the Recession

Combating the Recession

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082911CAREER.jpgThe job market is not the friendliest place to be right now. But this is where Monika Royal, a recruiter from TiER1 Performance Solutions specializes. She has helped numerous people find jobs in the Cincinnati area.


Royal says she can’t explain what an average day is like for a recruiter. She is constantly meeting new people and having meetings. Every day can be completely different from the previous one. Most of her time is spent "sourcing, interviewing and networking," she says.


How does Royal help match people with jobs? "When I start a new candidate search, I start by sourcing," she says. Sourcing can be posting a new job on industry job boards, pulling profiles from LinkedIn and looking at her connections on Facebook and Twitter.


"For example, since TiER1 Performance Solutions specializes in learning, I post to the eLearning Guild when I’m sourcing for instructional designers," she says.


After sourcing, she will then have a pool of candidates. Then she will set up a phone interview to see what the candidate’s career goals are as well as sense his or her personality. Royal wants to see if the person would have a "cultural fit," she says. There are four internal teams: Creative, Technology, Learning and Navigation. The candidate will meet someone from one of those teams. "Who the candidate meets with is driven by what job they’re interviewing for," Royal says.


After that, there might be a few additional tests, such as for skills. Royal says that although the interview process is long, fit is very important to them. After all of this, the candidate will then meet the TiER1’s managing partners.


Royal says she believes the job market is on its way to improving. Jobs that are in higher demand are specialized jobs requiring higher education. One suggestion is something that involves technology or is interactive. TiER1 continues to help people find a job in the Cincinnati and the Pittsburgh locations.


Royal says the best way for a recruiter to meet new candidates is through networking with and meeting people who are looking for new jobs, getting involved with local organizationss, joining Twitter and updating a LinkedIn page. "Make sure you are giving great examples of your accomplishments from prior jobs, not just listing duties," Royal says. The better candidates position themselves, the easier it will be for the recruiter to help them find new places of work.


Royal worked for more than five years in the advertising industry. That is how she got her start as a recruiter for advertising. "Recruiting offered me a way to join my industry background with my genuine interest in people," she says.