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Learn about one local graphic designer who puts her simplistic, yet creative, flair to work to help define dreamer’s brands.

Sara Cormier, Founder of Cormier Creative
Sara Cormier, Founder of Cormier Creative

Sara Cormier takes pride in solving her clients’ problems creatively. “I feel very lucky to have a job where I can use my talents to assist my clients in achieving their dreams and their bottom line,” she says.

Cormier created the aptly named Cormier Creative as a one-stop branding shop four years ago this April. Cormier, who is a University of Cincinnati DAAP grad, says she loves how Cormier Creative “helps my clients take their business to the next level through design.”

After interning in artistic hubs such as New York City and San Francisco, Cormier spent seven years as the Advertising Design Manager at Cincinnati Magazine. “I designed ads for [tons] of local businesses,” she says. “However during college and all throughout my professional career, I always worked as a freelancer on the side.”

Cormier decided to take the entrepreneurial plunge when she could no longer balance her full-time job and her overflowing freelance work. “I always wanted to start my own business and after making the decision, I’ve never looked back!” She continues, “My nickname growing up was The Boss, so making this move was obviously bound to happen!”

Cormier Creative comes into play when “[clients] are looking for a more branded, cohesive look to best represent their business,” she explains. Cormier presents an all-inclusive menu to her clients to help them stand out in every way possible, including advertising, packaging, marketing materials, websites, and social media. She explains, “Anything [they] need to move their business forward.”

One of her most popular services is called A New Brand Day, “which is a totally new take on logo [and brand] design,” she says. With this program, Cormier presents options and works with a client intensively for one day to finalize the finished piece. “I get great satisfaction from designing awesome logos for my clients… It’s the most difficult job, but by far the most rewarding,” she says. “The fun parts come after that, when I make a brand identity come to life over time and watch my clients’ businesses take off!”

Cormier is dedicated to helping empower local business owners through her work and collaborations, as “most of my clients are women who own growing businesses.” She also partners with local event planner Rachel Murphy (her “business bestie”) at their shared studio space, The Creative Hookup, to hold events for Cincinnati’s creative types.

Cormier says she likes to keep “the design process simple, fun and friendly. Cleverness, smiles and laughter are just added bonuses,” Cormier adds. “When I get emails from clients who are just checking in to say that business is booming, it makes my day.”

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