Corporate Talk with Charlie and Eva

Corporate Talk with Charlie and Eva

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Two locals host a weekly Internet radio show where they cover a range of topics with guest speakers including authors, small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Eva Lewandowski and Charlie Lobosco of Talk Corporate with Charlie and Eva.
Eva Lewandowski and Charlie Lobosco of Talk Corporate with Charlie and Eva.

For an hour every Monday, Eva Lewandowski and Charlie Lobosco sit down for an Internet radio show on Talk Zone Internet Talk Radio. The show, Corporate Talk with Charlie and Eva, features a different author, coach, speaker, trainer, entrepreneur or small business owner each week.

The show was inspired from the duo’s successful careers that were made possible in seemingly unconventional ways. “Corporate Talk is our way of sharing what we learned coupled with the knowledge of other experts in different fields,” explains Lewandoski.

Since May 2012, Lewandowski and her partner have been bringing fresh content to their show while helping listeners enjoy what they’re hearing and making them feel at ease.

“We know that our work and our personal lives are no longer separate, so our show focuses on not just professional development but also personal development,” she says. “Our mission is to show our listeners how to make a difference in their lives, their work and the world, but we do it in a way that’s relaxed and conversational.”

“Our subject matter ranges from how to hone your leadership skills to how to handle your teenages,” says Lewandowski. “We feel that your personal life affects your professional life and vice versa.”

When it comes to their backgrounds, Lewandowski and Lobosco are well-versed in the subject matter they cover on their show. Lewandowski is a certified life coach, certified emotional freedom technique (EFT) practitioner and speaker. “Prior to becoming a life coach, I had a successful 30 year corporate career as a software consultant for various Fortune 500 companies around the country,” she says. “My coaching practice focuses on assisting clients that are going through a professional or life transition such as a job change, divorce or retirement.”

On top of all this, Lewandowski has also developed a program called Stand Up and Be Heard. It’s a program that assists professionals with learning how to overcome their fear of the spotlight. “My mission is to help clients embrace who they are and learn to share their unique gifts and opinions,” she adds.

Lobosco is a certified Agile expert, coach and trainer. He’s also an author, speaker and seminar leader. Lewandowski says his book and signature seminar “C.A.R.E. – Courage to take Action Relevant to Everyone; building a better workplace starts with you!” earned him the President’s Service award in 2010.

“Charlie has over 40 years experience and lessons learned from over 25 fortune ranked companies,” says Lewandowski. “Charlie is an expert at transforming resources into partners. He nurtures the strengths of each individual and empowers them to lead regardless of their job description.”

Through their show, Lewandowski and Lobosco are aiming to give listeners hope and encouragement by showing them how others have achieved success. “We’re the source for current success strategies from today’s leading entrepreneurs, authors and small business owners,” says Lewandowski. “We have the privilege of saying we’ve met 95 percent of our guests in person, validating their expertise to ensure our listeners the content being delivered is credible.”

With the new year just around the corner, Lewandowski says they’ve already got a whole new roster of guests booked for 2016. Additionally, they’re providing a number of new online seminars and workshops from learning to use EFT to overcome stage fright to getting certified in agile project management, all of which you can learn more about by visiting the show’s website.

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