Covermade’s “Cover Our Kids” Program

Covermade’s “Cover Our Kids” Program

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Natalie Monaco, President and Inventor of Covermade Bedding

There are thousands of children who are abused, neglected and even trafficked every year. Covenant House is their refuge, not only for a hot meal and a warm bed, but also for a way to break the cycle and move on to a better life. With the “Cover Our Kids” Program, Covermade Bedding is helping to end the cycle while raising awareness about a real problem.


“Cover Our Kids” is donation program that Covermade recently launched in November 2014. Covermade donates five percent of its revenue to Covenant House, a privately funded agency that provides food, shelter, support, immediate crisis care and long-term guidance to troubled youth.



Natalie working with the Cincinnati-based
manufacturer of Covermade Bedding

“Covermade believes that by helping to literally ‘Cover Our Kids,’ we are chipping away at the sad reality of poverty that is affecting our youth,” says Natalie Monaco, President and Inventor of Covermade Bedding. “As a bedding company, it seemed like a natural fit for us to donate to a program that helps the homeless find a safe place to sleep.”


After researching dozens of different charities, Monaco came across Covenant House. “I immediately felt connected to their cause as I read the stories on their site,” she says. “It is so easy to take the everyday comforts of home, such as a warm bed, for granted. Bedding products, specifically comforters, are things that most of us will never have to go without.”


While poverty strikes all walks of life, at Covermade they have a special place in their hearts for children. “There is nothing more satisfying than seeing the work of Covenant House come to fruition in the lives of our youth,” says Monaco.


“While helping a great cause we can also create a positive experience among those of us that are more fortunate by sharing the spirit of giving back and rekindling a sense of gratitude,” says Monaco. “Although we are excited about our program with Covenant House, it was only six weeks ago. However, we are committed to contributing to the cause long-term.”


With very few comforter manufacturers based in the United States, Monaco expresses how fortunate she feels that they have found a local partner in our own backyard. “We feel so fortunate to have made a small impact on some of the families that are employed by our Cincinnati-based manufacturer,” says Monaco.


Most recently, Covermade partnered with Brookstone, a leading retailer for innovative products. In looking forward to 2015, Covermade is excited to expand their distribution via other channels. “With the impending growth of the Covermade brand, we hope to make even more of an impact at Covenant House in 2015 and in years to come,” says Monaco.


To learn more about the Cover Our Kids Program and how to help contribute to Covenant House, visit