Creative Queens Event Series

Creative Queens Event Series

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Learn about a new event series that allows you to network and socialize with others while exploring and developing your own creativity.

Abby Hofrichter is launching Queen’s Creative Collaborative to bring the city’s creatives together.

Abby Hofrichter aims to provide helpful and enriching resources to others, especially creative types.

That’s why she launched Tallulahish, her personal blog and website. This locally-based online resource consists of photography by Hofrichter herself, and a blog where she delves into the personal and creative issues people have today.

“I wanted to create a space where no conversation felt unwelcome- even if a bit uncomfortable at first,” she says. “I think writers and story tellers are given so much power in opportunity with the ability to welcome new words and perspectives. The site is my attempt at harnessing that power and opportunity.”

One of the ways Hofrichter hopes to harness this is through a new event called Queen’s Creative Collaborative (or QCC). According to Hofrichter, QCC is a space for people to come together in a welcoming environment with aims to share and lift up each others ideas, both creatively and personally. The talk of the event can be based on anything in the world from entrepreneurship to self-care and everything in-between that is considered “creative.”

Hofrichter created the event in hopes to provide people within the community opportunities to meet new people, build connections, and gain both perspective and feedback on ideas.

“My goal is for QCC to turn into a community of femme folks who meet regularly to explore what it means to be creative, maybe do some fun activities,” says Hofrichter, “but most importantly, to create space for support and idea sharing and building.”

QCC is launching for the first time this month and those attending can expect a relaxed format. “I want to start off slow and really hear what all of us creative femmes feel like we’re missing and what we need,” continues Hofrichter. “This isn’t my group, it’s a community.”

The event will include beer, complimentary La Terza coffee, snacks, and creativity. Along with those essentials, guests will also get to discuss what it means to be “a creative” in the community today, how QCC can be a catalyst for growth, and even try a hand at some needlepoint/embroidery.

All the talk and activities of QCC events are meant to help people reconnect with themselves and the community and leave feeling inspired and re-energized.

“As I say on the event description, it has always been important immerse ourselves in strong, inclusive communities that affirm our goals and aspirations, but it feels so necessary these days with all that’s going on in the world,” concludes Hofrichter.

The Queens Creative Collaborative event will take place this month at 6pm on February 28 at the Rivertown Brewery and Barrel House in Lockland.
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