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Owner of local consulting firm DiStasi Advisors, Danise DiStasi helps companies thrive through being REALational. Keep reading for more.

Diane DiStassi, Founder and Owner of DiStassi
Danise DiStasi, Founder and Owner of DiStasi Advisors, and her grandchildren.

Danise DiStasi knows the secret to success for business owners and is on a mission to share it. Serving as President and Chief Relationship Officer of the company, she explains, “I began DiStasi Advisors because of the relational gap I’ve witnessed in the business community and I knew I could make a difference.”

DiStasi Advisors is a local business consulting firm whose mission for each company is to “unlock the truth deep within each individual and unleash their hidden talents and gifts,” says DiStasi. She continues, “I am now able to build on my success over the years by helping companies grow. I’ve coached Fortune 500 C-Level executives and their teams on leadership, character development, productivity, performance, and team building solutions.”

DiStasi experienced personal and professional success and wanted to help others reach their potential as well. She grew up in Cincinnati, graduating from Xavier University with a degree in Radiologic Science. She briefly worked as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist before she began a career selling nuclear medicine equipment for 20 years. She then joined the Ken Blanchard Companies, focusing on leadership development, facilitating, training, and coaching.

“I began DiStasi Advisors because of the relational gap I’ve witnessed in the business community and I knew I could make a difference. It was my relational skills that attributed to my success in selling highly technical medical equipment. Using relational skills was unheard of in the 80’s and 90’s yet that was foundational for a successful career.”

DiStasi and her team offer a variety of services, including REALational Leadership Development, Executive Coaching, REALational Selling, Business Development Process training, Strategic Consulting, and Assessments on cultural, leadership, and character strengths. The company focuses on the aspect of being REALational and the transformative power it has for businesses and their teams.

According to DiStasi, being REALational means, “Being real, authentic and willing to be vulnerable. [Having] the tools needed to build deep relationships personally and professionally based on transparency and truth. Being willing to see our own personal obstacles that together leaders and teams can press through in order to build a better organization, family or friendship.”

DiStasi has written several books to further the reach of her inspirational message. Her newest book Hide and Seek tells the story of a female business owner named Belle who struggles to move past underlying fear and doubt. DiStasi explains, “Readers, especially women in business, will resonate with Belle’s struggles…They will be able to identify in their own life the vicious cycle of feeling insecure, building a façade so that others see what they want them to see and how this leads to our lives being out of balance. All will welcome learning how certain characteristics lead to a more balanced life.”

DiStasi is passionate about cultivating and empowering strong women in business and holds a monthly gathering called Hidden Treasures. She explains, “We hold each other accountable as we’re learning about various characteristics. Over the past year we’ve studied compassion, faithfulness, forgiveness, gentleness, goodness, humility, joy, kindness, love, patience, peace, self-control and thankfulness—all from a biblical perspective.”

To learn more about DiStasi Advisors and their services, visit www.di-advisors.com. To purchase Danise DiStasi’s book “Hide and Seek”, visit www.createspace.com/5638975 and use the code CN6TJUGQ for 25% off your purchase.