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Divine Connections

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Who says business and faith can’t go hand in hand? Learn about a local lady who recently launched a faith-driven networking businesses.


Divine Connections is a Cincinnati-based Christian non-profit bringing together young adults through networking and social events.

Divine Connections, launched by Brittany Rogers, is a Cincinnati-based Christian non-profit organization that unites young adults through networking and social events. According to Rogers, these events are designed to promote spiritual, professional and community development.

“Our goal,” says Rogers, “is to assist individuals along their journey towards purpose and co-labor with them in bringing forth a non-conventional revival through the fusion of faith and business, while also making meaningful connections.”

Rogers says she always wanted to be a social worker and change lives in a positive way, especially after she studied social work at the University of Cincinnati. “For a while, I followed that early passion through working with abused and neglected children, as well as their families,” she explains. “I was even fortunate to obtain my ‘dream job.’ However, I still felt unsatisfied, there was an on-going feeling of restlessness that I could not suppress. I decided to investigate it further in prayer. The Lord told me to quit my ‘dream job’ and pursue what was in my heart!”

Brittany Rogers, Founder of Divine Connections

Through attending network events and utilizing social media, Rogers is able to reach out to her audience. As of now, anyone can attend company events, but membership is open specifically for young Christian adults.

“I like to say that we are similar to Chik-fil-A; our organization is friendly and welcoming and built upon Christian principles. Just like Chik-fil-A knows that everyone has the right to eat, we also know that everyone has the right to succeed,” Roger explains.

Guests can attend a variety of events including networking, community, and social. Rogers creates the majority of events herself. Some past events include a Community Service Outreach, a meet and greet, a writing workshop, and a holiday social. A major upcoming event being held, called “Beyond Networking-Creating the Right Professional Network” will be held May 20 and discuss creating and maintaining a power network.

“We are all about fusing business and faith in the marketplace,” says Rogers.  “We believe that our jobs, dreams, and businesses are just another extension of God’s purpose in our lives. Therefore, it is important for us to excel in both areas of business and faith.”

Divine Connection’s events are meant to give people a sense of empowerment and community, letting them walk away with practical steps on how to move forwards in their professional and spiritual lives. Rogers desire is for people to leave one of her events with an understanding of the importance of being Divinely Connected, understanding not only who you are connected to, but also who connected you.

In the future, Rogers says she would love for the Divine Connections concept to go global, and hopes to take steps to do so. For more information on Divine Connection and upcoming events, visit http://www.divineconnections.global/.