Dooley Media’s Show & Tell

Dooley Media’s Show & Tell

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Learn about a quarterly event series featuring practitioners who share a behind-the-scenes look at how to make a business succeed with social media.


Dooley Media hosts Show and Tell events to bring media professionals together to share ideas.

Social Media Show & Tell events began when Matthew Dooley had a simple hunch.

When his career in social media got started in 2010, he found a community of other media professionals who regularly got together in person to share what they were learning.

Over time, so much of the learning had moved online to blogs, webinars, and virtual events that the group of creatives stopped meeting in person. 

Dooley decided to send out invitations for the first Social Media Show & Tell event in late-2016, hoping to gather 30-40 people because he missed getting together to share ideas. 

Over 80 people came to his first event. 

“We’re now on to our 6th event on March 22, 2018 and each quarterly event attracts 150 plus attendees. People are craving this knowledge, especially in a space that continues to evolve and require experimentation,” says Dooley.

The next Social Media Show & Tell event will be hosted at Union Hall on Thursday, March 22 and will feature keynote speaker Todd Henry, an esteemed author, speaker and consultant.

Attendees can expect to learn more about how to craft thumb-stopping content, how to navigate the latest changes across platforms, including Facebook’s News Feed overhaul, and how to refresh your social media strategy for 2018.

The event will also feature speakers Amanda Buechel, Social Media Manager at Graeter’s and Gina Gaetano, who runs social media for Thunderdome Restaurant Group, which includes Currito, The Eagle and more. 

Bites from Taste of Belgium will be available and Dooley says he’s heard a rumor that Buechel might be bringing the new flavors of Graeter’s ice cream. 

The Social Media Show & Tell encourages anyone who is a social media enthusiast to attend along with CMOs/Directors of Marketing, Digital Media Managers, Social Media Strategists and Small Business Owners.

Dooley is the founder and CEO of Dooley Media, a brand-building studio in OTR that helps clients get attention by being thoughtful about how they give it. He says he’s been fortunate enough to work with some of Cincinnati’s favorite brands, including Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa and Esther Price Candies. 

In addition, Dooley teaches social media to undergrads and MBAs at Xavier University, a course he developed back in 2011.

“I’ve always been an open book, which may be counter-intuitive within a field that rewards the latest trend or best practice,” says Dooley. “But by sharing what I know and passing the mic to those who know more, I think we’re all better off. I believe that the good you put out into the world multiplies and comes back to you in some way or another, and this event is one way for me to do that.” 

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